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Amanda Morgan-Taylor was appointed to be the CEO of Sussex Healthcare recently. She has tons of experience and is an expert in the healthcare business. She has worked as an operational manager for a while and specializes in companies that are making significant changes to their profiles while still operating. Sussex is one such company; it provides healthcare to the elderly who have reached an age where they experience difficulties living on their own. Sussex Healthcare is upgrading its services to stay on top of the game and also to draw more clients it’s way hence the hiring of Amanda. At the early stages of her career, Amanda was a service manager, but she has worked her way to the top over the years. She is now sought after by various organizations due to her knowledge and expertise, but Sussex is the one that managed to acquire her. Read more health news about Sussex Healthcare at

The services that Sussex Healthcare provides varies from mental to physical issues. It has a team of trained staff that know how to deal with various illnesses such as mental impairments, neurological disorders, and learning disabilities. Sussex holds various therapy sessions for different diseases, and it recently added nutritional support and physical rehabilitation to its list. Patients that have lost their motor skills use an underwater treadmill that strengthens their muscles while they enjoy the submersion therapy. Sussex is based in the UK and has twenty different locations each equipped with the necessary equipment to deal with long term care.

The locations are built in such a way that they provide a balance in the social and medical life of the patients. The residents are provided with a comfortable environment that helps in their recovery process. A specialized gym is even available to the patients. Sussex Healthcare has a mission of providing the elderly and disabled with the best experience in their lives as they battle with various illnesses. To achieve this, it holds activities for the residents such as sing-alongs and trips to different places. With Amana Morgan-Taylor on board, the quality of services provided by Sussex is bound to improve. Sussex is aimed for the top, and nothing is about to stop them. Learn more: