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Fox News Interview With Thor Halvorssen: What The Network Got Wrong

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Fox News really bungled an interview the other day with the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen. They got everything so twisted and wrong that it took Thor Halvorssen about three minutes to sort things out. The network intended to use the interview to take a shot at presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, but it fell through. Here’s what they got wrong:




The anchor claims that socialism is a violation of basic human rights. It’s an obvious attempt to hurt public opinion of Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed democratic socialist, which is something completely different. That’s the first error. But as Thor Halvorssen explains, socialism is simply a form of government. It’s not capable of doing harm on its own. Socialism requires people to behave good or bad. There are good examples of socialism such as in Denmark and Sweden, and there are bad examples of socialism like Venezuela. Thor Halvorssen likes to focus on authoritarian dictators who abuse any form of government regardless of their political affiliations.


Bernie Sanders


Fox News claims that Bernie Sanders wants America to be a socialist country. This is patently untrue. The Vermont Senator would like to keep the capitalist heart of America beating while expanding social programs such as government-funded education and healthcare. It’s a far cry from socialism.


Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz


Thor Halvorssen calmly explains that each of these candidates support authoritarian dictators in some fashion. Clinton, he claims, has taken millions of dollars from ruthless dictators to fuel her presidential campaign. On the Republican side, he points to the fact that both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have publicly supported the strong-arm moves of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. If anyone is violating basic human rights, it’s these presidential candidates, not socialism.


Thor Halvorssen’s Support Of Bernie Sanders
This is something they got way wrong. The world-famous human rights activist proclaims his support for Bernie Sanders during the interview, and you can see the shock in the Fox News anchor’s eyes. You can feel the tension as she tries to wrap up the interview as quickly as possible.