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Ted Bauman’s Tips on How to Safeguard Your Assets

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Ted Bauman a famous writer and expert in asset protection recently gave out a few tips on how to safeguard their assets. One of them was that people should invest in safes at home. According to him, safes can go a long way in ensuring that one’s valuables are protected at all times. Another critical thing Ted advises is the use of a safety deposit box at the bank. He says that keeping liquid assets at the bank is more secure than keeping them at home. This applies whether one is using a local or foreign bank. Lastly, Ted strongly advises people to make use of independent vaults to store their valuables since they are a secure and great way to protect assets.

About Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is the editor to the Bauman letter, Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert at the Banyan Hill Publishing. Ted specializes in asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, and international migration issues. Ted was born in Washington DC, U.S but later on, moved to Maryland’s eastern shore where he spent his childhood years. Later on, Mr. Bauman immigrated to South Africa. It was while he was there that he attended the University of Cape Town and studied Economics and History. Upon completing his studies, Ted joined the South African corporate world and worked with numerous firms for over 25 years.

Ted Bauman once worked as a fund manager for low-cost housing projects while he was in South Africa. One of the most notable moves Ted made while there was taking part in the founding of Slum Dwellers International. Slum Dwellers International has carried out operations in over 30 countries and changed millions of lives.

In the 2000s, Ted Bauman worked as a consultant and a writer on finance, housing, and urban planning. He worked with numerous clients and agencies like the World Bank and the United Nations. In 2008, Ted returned to the U.St where he carried on his consultancy work. It was in 2013 that he joined Banyan Hill Publishing and had played an active role in facilitating its growth.


Jason Hope Campaigns for the Adoption of Anti-Aging Therapy

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As much as the future is typically filled with the unknown, one indisputable fact is that at one point all individuals will end up falling victim to the torture of old age. Age is both a blessing and a curse, and Jason Hope is working tirelessly to ensure that all people in the society can end up benefiting from old age through better health, and more information click here.

Since time in memorial, older adults in the society have been associated with different types of complications, which have ended up being known as old-age related diseases. The elderly tend to suffer from illnesses that in most cases end up taking over their body strength, a situation which commonly leads to demise. Jason Hope has in the past decade campaigned for the adoption of anti-aging therapy, and he is continually putting vast sums of money in the process of ensuring that more anti-aging medication can be availed across all segments of the society.

Jason Hope is not a doctor, nor is he a medical researcher, but he is a person who believes in the power that technology offers to those who decide to embrace it. Jason has seen the impact that technology has in the telecommunication industry, and he has invested in the mobile technology through his own company, which is known as Jawa. In the process, he has ended up believing that if the technology is adopted properly in the medical industry, then the lives of individuals will end up being altered for the better.

Jason aims at helping the elderly individuals to overcome the two major old age ailments, which are diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Jason is a futurist and an entrepreneur who invests in anything that can help to improve the success of the entire globe in future. He uses the money that he gains from his technological investments to advance research in the medical field, and he is among philanthropists who promote the adoption of anti-aging therapies, and Jason Hope on Facebook.

Jason Hope is a philanthropist who directs his money towards the support of activities that are undertaken by SENS Foundation. The institution is purely non-profit, and it was set up in 2009 to help in tackling age-associated diseases. From the time that it was incepted, the organization has been helping to boost biotechnology research, and in the process, it has ended up helping to improve the research processes in different areas of the medical industry, and

Jason started offering financial support to SENS in 2010, and he gave more than $500,000 to advance research processes in the organization. As a result, the institution managed to establish the Cambridge SENS Laboratory, and it immediately started implementing research undertaking that aimed to create a cure for age-related diseases.

Jason Hope Showcases His Entrepreneuring and Success in Business

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An Arizona entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jason Hope specializes as an healthcare technology investor. The undergrad in Finance and graduate of Arizona State University with a MBA, he knew he had to go into the background of business. He was inspired by Mobile communication which inspired him because of the benefits. Even though mobile technology is not new, the field still has area for growth as well as improvement For this reason, Jason Hope thought about selling a premium text messaging service which laid his foundation in the future of technology as well as in medical research which was his passion.

For Jason, he makes his money from the portfolio with technology companies. At the beginning of his career, he created Jawa, the mobile communication company which was acting as the main company of additional partnerships within the technology industry. Then Jason decided to make his money from the investments in his portfolio. Some of those investments include some companies like Digital Media Solutions.

The future in society is relying on technology as it works to connect and interconnect people as well as places and a variety of things. This was the idea that Jason Hope used to build Jawa. For Jason, he knew he had to keep his mind open and that you have to keep one eye focused ahead on what technology is doing and where it is headed.

Jason immediately began making money following the opening of the gate which is what helped to encourage him to expand his portfolio of investing in a variety of companies as well as in individuals. Being an entrepreneur, you have to be open to the idea of doubt. You have to doubt what you are doing in order to remain on your toes and continue thinking ahead. What makes entrepreneur successful is how they deal and cope with failure and managing the challenges ahead of them.

Jason Hope used his referrals for advertising and marketing which he was performing for another business he was working for. He used this referral to build up his professional network. He advocates the use of social media so long as it is uses properly.

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