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The Growth of New Residential Investment Corp

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New Residential Investment Corp. is a real estate investment trust that specializes in investing in residential real estate. Their investments in these things involves them taking a very active management hand in them. The very knowledgeable and experienced staff effectually drive up the returns by targeting the most promising assets. Over the past few decades, the real estate marketplace has become much more complex but has at the same time become a more and more environment full of significant investment opportunities.

This list of opportunities started growing big time after the financial crisis of 2008 instigated major structural change throughout the industry thus resulting in more and more opportunities. More than any similar company in the industry, NRI has the capital, experience, and key business relationships needed to adequately take advantage of these opportunities. New Residential Investment was originally a subsidiary of its parent company, Newcastle Investment Corp, but became independent of it in 2013.

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SoftBank Acquires Top Investment Firm Fortress Investment Group

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Fortress Investment Group has been one of the most successful investment and asset management firms in the world. Since 1998, the firm has been one of the leading firms when it comes to managing private equity and real estate assets around the globe. It primarily serves institutional investors and corporations. The company was founded by longtime finance executives Randal Nardone and Rob Kaufman along with entrepreneur and executive Wesley Edens. All of these individuals have been able to build Fortress Investment Group into a highly reputable investment management firm. Today, Fortress still continues to provide assistance to companies and investors who are looking to reach specific financial goals. Visit

Over the years Fortress Investment Group has built a solid reputation. It offers a number of services that are always able to meet the specific needs of its unique clientele. Along with offering a wide range of services, Fortress is also managed by top executives and run by the founders who make it the highly successful firm it is today. Randal Nardone and Wesley Edens always strive to ensure that the needs of al clients are met on a consistent basis. They often relish the opportunity to assess the client’s goals and find ways to enable them to accomplish them. This strategy has worked very well for two decades as the firm has become well known in the financial sector as a dependable firm that gets results.

The success of Fortress Investment Group has led to attention from investors. One of these investors is the Japanese conglomerate company called SoftBank. This company has been involved in acquiring companies in the telecommunications and technology sectors. It has recently looked to acquire an investment firm to expand its portfolio and asset base. As a result, SoftBank recently acquired Fortress in 2017 for a sum of over a billion dollars. This will help the company make progress towards building its business holdings.

After acquiring Fortress Investment Group, SoftBank has been praised by many experts in the business world. These experts believe that SoftBank will now be in position to increase its presence in the valuable North American market. As a result, SoftBank will also be in position to continue working towards long term success as well.



Fortress Investment Group Lead By A Pool Of Visionary Leaders

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With profound financial experience Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffan partnered to form an alternative investment firm raising private equity, and investing in cutting edge investment vehicles. The three financial gurus started a private equity firm Fortress Investment Group, with a capital of $ 400 million in 1998. Armed with financial management genius, Fortress Investment Group witnessed robust growth from the infant stage, and within five years of its inception, its assets had increased from $ 400 million to $ 32.6 billion. The company started with investment fund 1 in 1999 targeting real estate markets in Toronto and New York and then moved to debt securities and hedge funds. Visit

To harness its growth Fortress, Investment Group added two more experienced persons in leadership in 2002. Peter Briger came as a principal whereas Michael Novogratz was given the role of the fund manager. Both managers came from a renown financial firm Goldman Sachs with Peter Briger coming in with a lot of experience in credit fund and acquisitions. Between 2006 and 2007, fortress made major acquisitions including, Ski resort Operator, and made essential purchases including RailAmerica, Penn National Gaming, and Florida East Coast Industries.

Fortress investments group continued with its growing trend making a huge step in 2007 of launching IPO. The bold move made Fortress get in annals of history as the first ever sizeable private Equity firm to be registered in the stock exchange. After the IPO, fortress expanded its funds including the launching of more international focused funds. One of the major events during its expansion was acquiring of AIG America General Financial Services in 2010. The financial services were later to become spring leaf financial services. Fortress investments turned fortunes of spring leaf skyrocketing to more than 27 times.

Fortress Investment Group financial muscle and tremendous growth over the years attracted the in the Japanese technological giant Softbank corporation. Ten years ago 2007 fortress became the first private equity company to go public and now in 2017 pulling another surprise going public that it has been bought. The soft bank acquired Fortress Investment Group in a record of $ 3.9 billion. However, Fortress Investment Group remained as an independent entity retaining all the three principals. Fortress has continued to grow under this significant agreement with a technological endowed soft bank


Matt Badiali’s Investment Expertise Is Driven By Is Knowledge Of Science

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Matt Badiali has investment expertise that is driven by his knowledge of science. Matt has degrees from Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University where he studied Earth Science and Geology. While Matt was in school he began learning about the finance industry. He was working with a friend who encouraged him to get deeper involved in the subject because he believed that Matt would do great as an investor. Badiali became energized with the idea of becoming a successful financier after watching his father struggle with investing for many years. He was motivated to bring a simple concept to making money that those with less experience would understand. This lowered the risk of them losing the money they worked so hard for.

Matt Badiali had a talent for writing and chose this as a vehicle to reach his audience. His experience supports the advice that he has to give. During his time as an adviser Matt has doubled and tripled money for his clients. He continues to conduct speaking engagements around the world and is frequently sought after for his knowledge on finance. Badiali went on to publish a newsletter that showcases his experience and knowledge on various subjects. Matt’s specialty is investing in natural resources. He uses this information regularly in order to make the investing process extremely simple for the people he works with. Matt is very proud of being someone who has assisted people who are not as skilled as he is in the finance world.

Matt Badiali starts each day by reading the paper and catching up on current events with television. He is a family man who enjoys this precious time and sees his children off to school everyday. He then heads into the office and begins to write the content that is required of him from followers. After the writing is done Matt begins the communication process of returning phone calls and various messages. He uses this time to set up meetings and personal contacts for the following day.

Matt Badiali is confident in his knowledge because it is based on detailed experience. He is a person of action and believes that his ideas come from the process of doing. He has learned from his misfortunes over the years and uses this information to provide profitable investment tips.

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HGGC: Learn the benefits of investing in relationships

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HGGC is a private equity firm that is renowned for investing in close to 50 organizations and has achieved an aggregate of over $10 billion in transaction value as from 2007. Their brand is focused on a personal approach, and they believe that the partnership leads to the building of successful companies.

The company has gained popularity due to leaders like Steven Young who is a legend of NFL. However, it is run by a team of individuals who are dedicated, and they have contributed to the success of the brand. They have used minimal content, simple navigation, approachable image, and photography to boost their firm. They always ensure their site design is clean and they use color imagery for the company to take center stage.

HGGC is a firm that makes use of an infographic to distill the information about the company and make it digestible and based on facts. They use quantifiable stats as well as qualitative intros to show their vision as a company. They ensure the platform is suitable for busy CEOs. They have a team area useful for introducing the members of the team. They use professional photos with a sense of information connection but maintaining their professionalism.

Their sleek site is filled with well-scripted photographs to make it friendly and have a feel for visitors. HGGC interacts with most of the investment firms, and this can be shown through their portfolio section. It contains hero stories of these great companies. Metaphoric images are used in the site to capture the sector of each firm. They use their imagery to expand their portfolio.

They have constructed a site that shows credibility for the services they offer. It is a site that is highly responsive in a wide range of devices and screens. They use complex Twitter interaction when it comes to news, and this is curated through Content Management System that is curated. It makes it easy for editing and updating content in the site. It is possible through technological features.

Their style is centered on the use of minimal content and use of visual style. They use visual images to tell their story and invite relationships by demonstrating the advantage of the brand. Portfolio companies can learn how they can benefit from the relationship with HGGC.

Stream Energy

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Stream Energy is an organization that provides energy, home, wireless and protective services. The institution was founded in the year 2005, and so far it functions in 7 states. These include Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Stream Energy believes in making the world a better place, and thus is involved in a lot of philanthropic activities. Stream Energy came up with the Stream Care Center that was founded to help humanity during tough times such as diseases and natural disasters.


Stream Energy patch

The Stream Care foundation was featured on the Dallas Patch for their new philanthropic efforts. This feature was on March, 5th 2018 and Stream Energy was honored for being recognized. After Hurricane Harvey, the people in Houston were significantly affected. Many people were rendered homeless and a lot of property destroyed. Stream Care chipped in to help these people get their lives back. The organization provided funds to assist in recovery and also provided financial aid to the families to help them recover the assets they lost during the hurricane. Stream Care Center is also partners with Hope Supply Company for close to 4 years now, and they help homeless people in Dallas. They provide basic needs to these individuals including clothing, shelter, and food as well as secondary needs (education, school supplies).


Philanthropic efforts

The organization is involved in other charitable efforts which include:

  • They have partnered with the Red Cross Society to help in emergency situations such as fires and disasters. This partnership ensures that help is available 24/7.
  • They have partnered with Habitat for Humanity which helps people rebuild their homes and repair them. It also offers free labor for the repairs and mortgages that are affordable.
  • They have partnered with the Operation Once in a Lifetime that helps veterans in Dallas. They provide transportation services as well as food during their meetings.
  • In 2016, there was a tornado in North Texas that affected many lives. Stream energy partnered with the Salvation Army to help these victims by raising money to provide them with shelter, clothing, and food.

Shervin Pishevar takes to Twitter to highlight the thorny issues affecting the US Economy

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Who is Shervin Pishevar?

Investment company and since then, he had maintained a low profile until he resurfaced on Twitter recently. Shervin Pishevar is a well-known entrepreneur and investor with interests in multinational companies such as Uber. In a tweet storm that lasted over 20 hours, Pishevar discussed various issues that affect the American economy.

Most of the people who know Pishevar argue that his rant on Twitter was not a surprise since he is known as man of many words. He never hesitates to make his opinion known to the public and his criticism of various aspects of the economy is in the public domain. Some people still found the tweet storm rather surprising, especially because it came after a prolonged silence.

What did Shervin Pishevar say about the economy in his tweets?

Shervin Pishevar seemed to agree with many financial analysts who believe that the stock market will continue to slip. In his opinion, Pishevar seems to think that the gains that have been made in 2018 have already been lost. He further claims that the economy is in the process of losing the gains it made last year. The outcome of the continued slippage in the stock market is an increase in credit account deficits, tax giveaways, and high interest rates.

In the numerous tweets, Pishevar sought to address the issue of government bonds and their effectiveness. In his tweet he says, Expect hints of QE4 from our leaders if market doesn’t normalize quickly.’ Pishevar argues that for many years, government bonds have been used by the Federal Reserve to address the instability in the stock market although this success does not mean that government bonds have an unlimited capacity. He seemed to suggest that the current instability within the stock market might reach a state where government bonds would be inadequate to address the instability in the stock market. If Pishevar’s analysis is true, the country is likely to experience an economic crisis in the near future.