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Jeremy Goldstein uses his Corporate Expertise to help Raise Funds for Fountain House

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Fountain House is a charitable organization that has gained the attention of some predominate people in the New York area. Jeremy Goldstein is one individual who supports the efforts made by this organization, which is to help adults with mental illness become more self-sufficient community members. As someone who has established a reputation as one of New York’s leading corporate attorneys, Mr. Goldstein lent his expertise to help orchestrate two wine dinners as fundraising events for Fountain House. The combined totals of the two dinners was more than 55,000 dollars. Mr. Goldstein believes the efforts put forth by the professional staff members at Fountain House create employment opportunities for adults with mental illness that might otherwise not exist.


Jeremy Goldstein has been a member of the Fountain House board since 2010. Having had an extensive background in mergers and acquisitions within the field of corporate law, he understands the importance of working together to reach a single-minded goal. Mr. Goldstein not only holds a seat on the board for Fountain House, he also holds the position of chair person on the mergers and acquisitions sub-committee for the business section of the American Bar Association.


Having obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Cornell, Jeremy Goldstein went on to acquire a Master’s Degree from the University of Chicago and a Juris Doctorate in Law from the University of New York. Working closely with many leading corporations in the area of mergers and acquisitions, Mr. Goldstein saw a need to better address the issues of executive compensation and corporate governance at a level that could better benefit all parties involved. This led him to found his own legal consultation company known as Jeremy L Goldstein and Associates. The wine dinners held for Fountain House are part of this New York based entrepreneur’s philosophy on giving back to the community.


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Ricardo Tosto Involvement In Brazil’s Law Industry

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Every country has a different legal system which people have to adhere with or face the consequences. A good example of a country that is very keen when it comes to law is Brazil. Brazil civil law is basically a combination of the Portuguese, Italian France, and German civil law. With this in mind, it is paramount for any aspiring attorney in Brazil to be in a position of understanding the legal system and how it operates. Brazil is a state that is filled with very many lawyers who aim at interpreting the law to the average citizens. For you to be fully qualified and become a certified lawyer in Brazil, you first have to undergo training in any recognized law school for five years where you get to earn a degree in law. Later, you sit for a bar exam, and if you pass, you become a certified lawyer. Regardless of there being many lawyers in Brazil, it’s very hard to excel in the legal industry as there is a lot of competition. For one to excel, one must be ambitious, skillful when it comes to making predictions and hardworking like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho.

Ricardo is one man who has been able to establish a firm foundation for himself while securing future in Brazil’s legal industry something not many attorneys can say they have. Regardless of the fact, he had a humble beginning; Ricardo had decided that the past would not define him. Having started in small law firms, Ricardo worked his way up to the point of owning his law firm that has grown and developed to become one of the best law firms in Brazil. Ricardo has represented some of the biggest fish in Brazil including Multinational businesses, politicians, and wealthy individuals.

Regardless of what class you are, Ricardo is always ready to help out if his services are required. He has provided consultation to his clients and other people who come up to him with the aim of getting legal solutions to any problem at hand. Ricardo is known for adopting proper techniques and mechanisms that help in governing his skills as a lawyer. Ricardo believes with discipline, and hard work one can achieve anything and become successful.