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Todd Levine and his Team Recognized by The Best Lawyers in America

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According to an article from PR Newswire, the law firm of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine has been recognized by The Best Lawyers in America for this year. This is not the first time that the Kluger Kaplan firm located in Miami, Florida has won. Many of the attorneys at the firm, including Todd Levine, were recognized for their work in their specialty whether for real estate litigation, family law, securities law, and more. The entire team at Kluger Kaplan and lawyer Todd Levine spoke about how honored they were to receive this award as a group and to continue serving clients with excellent service with professionalism and winning results.

Together, Kluger Kaplan and others have been involved in some major deals. Many of the lawyers at the firm have contributed to the community as Kluger started his very own foundation that assists other charities. Another lawyer named Kaplan has worked in the commercial sector sorting out disputes, while Silverman works in the courts as a counsel. Katzen has an array of skills as an attorney having a career as an accountant previously but who has worked with clients in fraud and probate cases. All three of the lawyers in Kluger Kaplan and Todd Levine work to analyze each clients case or when it comes to businesses to win.

Todd Levine is a creative individual who aside from having a passion for law, also is a fan of the arts and sciences as he is a musician. Levine is one of the founding members and attended the University of Florida Levin College of Law and the University of Florida. The attorney has a law degree and a bachelors in finance. Todd Levine is noted as a well-rounded lawyer who has dealt with disputes in real estate, sports and entertainment, among investors, businesses, and more. The attorney is able to analyze each possible scenario in a case to win by using his creative skills as both a musician and artist. The list for Best Lawyers is conducted through evaluation. The law firm of Kluger, Kaplan, Katzen, Silverman, and Levine is suited to fit anyone’s needs. The company has been recognized by many publications such as Chambers USA, Super Lawyers, and others.

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Randal Nardone and His Many Titles

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For someone who took double degrees in English and Biology in college, Randal Nardone took a different turn when he ended up in a top position at an investments giant and eventually winding up in the list of Forbes Billionaires.

At only 52 yearsold, Randal Nardone has already made significant accomplishments at Fortress Investment Group. Despite having a jurisprudence doctorate degree, he found himself more interested in management of assets than dealing with litigations.

Nardone was still in the law practice when he decided to pick up new tricks of the trade that enabled him to combine law and finances. His illustrious professional journey started with being a partner at Thacher Proffitt & Wood. He then moved on to the BlackRock group where he became a Principal and eventually at UBS as a Managing Director. This all happened before he and his friend West Edens decided to put up Fortress Investment Group in 1998 where would end up holding various positions over the years.

NYSE recognizes Fortress Investment Group as one of the most remarkable investment players. Companies would opt to get their services because of the excellent portfolio that Randal Nardone has helped put together. While taking on various roles within Fortress Investment and its subsets, Nardone also holds the Chairmanship and President posts at Springleaf Financial Holdings. His list of duties also finds him at Newcastle Investment Holdings as Secretary as well as Vice President . These would coincide with his other participation in Fortress Registered Investment as principal and also Chief Executive.

Currently, Randal Nardone’s designation is CEO at the Fortress Investment Group. His title was kept even after SoftBank Group purchased Fortress Investment. Nardone believes that this acquisition would most definitely help strengthen his firm. He is quite optimistic that the company would grow far quicker in the future and would gain to better sources of credit. In fact, the executives at Fortress Investment made $1.39 billion following the acquisition made by SoftBank. The said amount was split amongst the shareholders based on the size of their ownership. Nardone’s group is believed to have assets worth $69.6 billion. Softbank on the otherhand has a portfolio of global companies which will undoubtedly be beneficial to the Fortress Investment Group.

It surely does not come as a surprise that Randal Nardone would end up in the list of Billionaires compiled by Forbes Magazine. At number 557, he is easily a shoe-in because of his experience and his vast knowledge in financial investments.



The Courageous Ricardo Tosto

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The senior most prosecutor in Brazil has acknowledged the fact that coordinating with counterparts from other countries helped most of the legal issues. The prosecutor agrees that there is an urgent need for reforms in the legal sector. The Latin lawyers’ organization has received accreditation from the bar in Florida ahead of their summit. The summit would be held in Miami.

Felsberg Advogados, a prominent law firm that is based in Brazil, has promoted four of its partners. This comes in the wake of its restructuring, corporate, tax, and labor teams. Lawyer Ricardo Tosto has been appreciated for his skills in the litigation and milk. The lawyer’s achievements have made the legal office in Brazil has been regarded to have reputable performance.

Ricardo Tosto has a wide variety of international clients who highly appreciate his work. The firm as recommended by the client has been able to improve the name of the company the firm is representing and hence promoting the name of the company. Several strategies are added to the cases the firm represents to improve the company’s aspects.

The law firms in Brazil have always embraced mass litigations, a phenomenon that is very common in most of the legal setups. Ricardo Tosto was the first lawyer to offer a legal model that encouraged mass action and the model was highly accepted. The customers for this model request for extensive management as some firms are walking away from the model.

Ricardo Tosto is recognized as a prominent lawyer in the whole of the country. The manner in which he conducted the litigation process was efficient earning him respect among his country people. The law firm in the country has outshined in the banking sector. This is due to the fact that the financial sector has been well represented in the firm.

The consumer laws surrounding the legal office have been praised by the clients. The legal firm has been acclaimed to be efficient, agile and organized very well. Consumers do not have to struggle when researching on the tax litigations that have been setup. The capital and financial laws have been well represented by the law. Litigation has provided excellent labor results due to the experience individuals attain from the firm.