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Robert Ivy Is A Firm Believer That Professional Societies Are A Great Benefit To An Individual’s Career

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There is no doubt that schools and on-site job training programs do a pretty good job of preparing people for their careers, but the fact is, with any career out there, there is always more than a person needs to learn. This particular niche is filled very well by professional societies. Current records indicate that there are more than ninety-two thousand of these such societies in the States alone. One of the really outstanding benefits that these kinds of trade and professional associations offer is programs in education. These are the kinds of professional education advantages that can really help people to take their careers to the next level and become leaders in their fields. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.


Beyond the benefit of educational opportunities, professional societies also offer members great networking possibilities, assistance in finding employment when needed and often are instrumental in influencing politicians in a way that is beneficial to the particular industry in question. The many benefits offered by professional societies are something that renowned architect Robert Ivy will attest to. Robert Ivy is himself the Chief Executive Officer with the top-rated architectural professional organization the American Institute of Architects. This society is a great voice for the architectural profession and Robert Ivy has proudly served in his current role with the organization since 2011. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.

Distinguished architect Robert Ivy is a graduate of the architecture department at Tulane University and has held numerous prestigious postings since his graduation. Beginning in 1996 he became Editor in Chief at Architectural Record. He has also held positions such as Editorial Director for the Construction Media branch of McGraw Hill. Robert also recently brought home the Noel Polk Award for Lifetime Achievement. This award is a true testament to the tremendous impact that Robert Ivy has had on the profession of architecture over his long and distinguished career in the field. He is one of the most respected members of the architectural community today, particularly by his colleagues who routinely level heavy amounts of praise onto him for his accomplishments. Among these accomplishments is his excellent leadership of the respected professional outfit known to the world as the American Institute of Architects.