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Jingdong Puts Safety First When It Comes To Medicine In China

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Nobody wants to take medicine but when you do you want to make sure that it is safe. This is why has introduced their Medicine Open Tracing Solution that implements blockchain in order to make sure that customers get the high-quality medication that they are supposed to be getting. It will also allow them to know exactly where their drugs came from by tracking everything about the process from lab to its sale to the customer. Transparency is becoming more and more important to customers and they are demanding that they get the quality that they were promised by business.

One of the countries that have been fighting hard when it comes to achieving transparency is China. In recent years, they have had several bad incidents when it comes to medication and other goods that have led to less than favorable results. They found that the medications that they were being given were sometimes not only expired, but also well below the quality that they were supposed to be. One of the areas in which they saw many problems was with vaccines which are being addressed by the solution system rolled out by Jingdong.

Jingdong isn’t doing this completely alone and has formed partnerships with several different companies and organizations that will make their new system more effective and easily implemented within companies. One of the important relationships that they have formed is with smart hardware companies that will help create more devices that use the Internet of Things. These devices will make these medical products more traceable which will hopefully aid to raise the standards across the country and increase transparency in the medical industry as a whole.

Many believe that the world is just on the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding uses for blockchain and Jingdong is prepared to help implement many. Their Retail as a Service platform includes many open source and blockchain enabled solutions that their brick and mortar partners are finding very useful. Jingdong is known for the transparency that they provide their customers and safety, as well as satisfaction, are some of their biggest concerns. Click here