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Freedompop – The Unforeseen Competitor in Tech

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Since its start in 2011, Freedompop has steadily moved upward in building and creating a solid, quality service. As of now that service has grown to include free mobile services such as data, text and talk, mobile hot spots, and more. Can you say, SCORE? Free data and wifi? Sign me up! In this Freedompop review I would like to talk about the ever growing list of reasons why this service provider is top tier.

Over the past five years, Freedompop has been able to raise millions of dollars to support their innovative products. And product performance aside, the money alone that they have raised tells me that their ideas work; that their innovation in tech and service is definitely something we can use more of. Then also taking into consideration their product performance, it is undeniable that this provider is a force to reckon with among its competition.

There are different levels of service provided by the company. Their beginning option is free data, talk, and text; following that there are six other premium packages available for purchase, beating their competitors in service quality and price. Premium packages begin at $10.99 and reach up to $29.99 a month. That’s a HUGE savings when compared to other popular providers.

These products and services fit the mold for many different uses. There are some who simply use it as a back up, while others use it heavily. The more heavy data – users take advantage of in – home wifi, mobile hot spots, and of course their mobile data. Hot spot users have happily reported they join with friends onto a hot spot to play online community games, with ease of set up and top tier service connection.

Joining the Freedompop community does come with its perks; it is not only the perk of receiving great quality service at fantastic prices (one of which is free!), but if you invite friends to join and stick with the provider, you’ll be rewarded with additional data bytes per month!

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