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Nationwide Title Clearing Updates Their Website In The Name Of Committment

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With concerns about title defects growing with the real estate industry, Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) has been called to action. In order to address the growing concerns of their clients, NTC revamped their website, adding an online ordering system.



Some people within the real estate industry feel title defects can cause wrongful foreclosures, while others feel that they could cause a serious sluggishness in what would have otherwise been a smooth transition of assets. NTC believes obtaining a clear title conveyance is the only way to reduce the risk of buyback and inhibit the ability to foreclose. As one of the leading research and document-processing providers, NTC has taken steps to help their clients secure property reports through a simple online ordering system.



While it is true that most title defects happen when another entity or person lays claim to a property that is in all reality owned by someone else, there are numerous other ways a title could be rendered invalid. These reasons could be the failure to follow proper filing procedures, any previous liens that have not been taken off, simple issues regarding the wording of a document, and the failure to include any or all necessary signatures.



It is because of all of those reasons that NTC believes addressing title defects before any property is transferred is absolutely necessary. CEO John Hillman believes that their revamped website will assist the ever-evolving mortgage and real estate industry. With the new ordering system, clients are now able to order documents like tax status reports, current owner reports, and assignment verification reports.



Along with the goal of ensuring each client’s happiness is NTC’s goal of providing that happiness using a fast, easy process of document ordering. Their report services are guaranteed, as the research done on them is conducted through real land records and are available for any residential property in the country. NTC’s research is verified through not only automation, but also human verification, making them one of the most success document providers even under the most crucial compliance regulations.



NTC was founded in 1991 and is based in Florida. NTC services some of the largest lenders in the country, including eight out of the ten biggest mortgage servicers. They are known for the high-accuracy deliverance, having set the standard for protecting homeowners, helping the mortgage industry, and protecting the country’s land records. NTC’s experts are able to fulfill document requirements in each and every of the 3,600 jurisdictions across the country.