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Norka Luque – A Positively Inspiring Artist

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When Norka Luque was young, she was making music and sharing her uplifting personality with everyone that would let her. When Norka’s mother and father realized how much she loved creating music, they immediately decided to help her in every way that they were able to. Norka received professional vocal instructions and piano lessons, in addition to two styles of dance. Norka was always a wonderful student and a successful academic, and she did not let her grades fall even though she kept so busy with her musical education.

Norka was born Norka Martinez Luque in 1986 in Venezuela. Her childhood was kept very busy working towards her musical goals and attending school. After graduation, she moved to France wher she continued her education by earning degrees in Culinary Arts, Marketing and Fashion. She also studied Business Administration while in France. During her time in France she had the opportunity to join a band. After sometime she found herself working with one of the world’s top music producers, Emilio Estefan. Together they began to bring Norka’s music to the world, earning her a nomination for the Best Female Pop Singer. Her songs have found themselves topping charts spanning multiple genres, such as urban and salsa in addition to pop music. Norka writes music in both Spanish and English, and her songs are available at all of the world’s most popular digital stores.

Norka writes with a deep understanding of the psychology behind music. She is an intelligent, educated and very positive and vibrant person. She understands the effect that music has on people and their moods and emotions. The lyrics of a song can uplift you, make you cry, dig down deep inside of you and pull up a long hidden sadness or bring to life a happiness that may have been forgotten. Norka has a love for humanity, and wants to share music that uplifts people, music that brings to mind happy thoughts and positive emotions that will help to fuel them and drive them to living an inspired life. Her music is motivational, inspirational, uplifting and personal in a way that everybody can relate to. That is one of the key ingredients to getting your music to touch people’s lives. Norka writes music that is personal to her, and is also relatable to her fans. This has set Norka Martinez Luque apart from other artists of today, and she has a long and bright future ahead of her.

The Extraordinary Career of Crystal Hunt

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Actress Crystal Hunt always knew what she wanted to be. The ‘Guiding Light’ alumna actress began her show biz career by participating in pageants at the tender age of 2. Growing up in Clearwater FL, Hunt took acting and singing lessons which honed her acting talents for television and the big screen. The actress’s talent landed her the role of “Daughter” in the 1991 hit movie ‘Problem Child 2.’ Ms Hunt is best known for her role as Lizzie Spaulding on the CBS soap opera ‘Guiding Light’, a role for which she received a daytime Emmy Award nomination in 2005 for outstanding younger actress in a drama series. In 2009, Hunt joined the cast of ABC’s One Life to Live playing vixen Stacy Morasco.

Hunt’s daytime television roles prepared her for a role in one of the most popular films of 2015, Magic Mike XXL, where she played the role of eccentric Lauren. However, her magic Mike XXL role wasn’t the only role Hunt undertook in 2015. Hunt also had the honor of working with fellow soap opera alumnae Hunter Tylo of Bold and the Beautiful and Joan Collins of Dynasty fame on reality docu-drama series, “Queens of Drama.”

The Queens of Drama follows Hunt’s and fellow daytime plus primetime actresses Tylo, Collins and more efforts to develop and produce a new primetime drama series. When she’s not in front of the camera’s lens, Hunt can be found working on a clothing line for pets while enjoying a Starbucks on the go.

Queens of Drama Makes An Impact

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Queens of Drama is a reality television show starring some of the most prominent prime time stars in all of modern television, and putting them all together to create one of the most chaotic reality shows with more twists and turns than almost any other reality show on television right now. The show began in late April of 2015 and it still going strong.

Queens of Drama has an incredibly interesting cast made up of Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marchi, Donna Mills, Chrystee Pharris, and Lindsay Hartley with other well-known guest stars such as Hunter Tylo, Lorenzo Lamas, and Jason Shane Scott who often times stick around for long periods of time and cause disputes and disagreements amongst the main cast of the show.

The show brings the group of primetime starts together to work on a project together. At the beginning of the show the actresses all seem to be in touch with each other and excited to work as a group, but as the show continues disputes form amongst the group rapidly and they become torn on decision making and they begin taking sides and forming enemies.

The disputes between the characters will not bore you. You quickly get to know the characters and start to see the relationship between all of them such as how Chystee Pharris serves as the voice of reasoning and how the whole cast seems to have suspicions of Donnas Mills intent. Not a character in the show goes without suspect as they all form paranoias about each other and think that the other have intents of doing things like giving the other limited lines in an attempt to steal attention from each other.

One of the most prominent stars of the show, Crystal Hunt, participates in the drama and draws plenty of attention to herself in the show. She is most likely one of the most paid attention to stars as she has a long history in television show acting and producing. She has been known as Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Lights, as well as acting in Sydney White, and One Life to Live where Crystal really took off.

When talking with fans on her Facebook page, Crystal Hunt revealed that her acting career started when competed in pageants, and her skill was acting Her skills were promptly noticed and she began getting work in commercials and other smaller field acting then she currently works in. After her work in Guiding Lights, she received a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in A Drama Series.  Crystal’s aggregate review score is pretty impressive too.

This show will keep you coming back for more with its drama mixed with surprise cliffhanger endings that keep your mind busy wondering about the next episode. This is definitely one of the best reality shows as it has so much more substance than most, so if you haven’t seen in next, be sure to catch the next episode.