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Getting Dark With The Chainsmokers

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Back in 2015, The Chainsmokers broke out onto the music scene with their hit ‘Roses’ and in the past two years they have seen tremendous success. It seems like they have been part of the music industry forever but Alex Pall and Drew Taggart actually gained fame almost overnight thanks to their collaboration with Halsey and other musicians like Daya. Such fast success can sometimes be dangerous for musical groups if they feel they can’t keep up or are overwhelmed by the fame. The Chainsmokers have begun to create some new music and they are taking a bit of a different approach this time around with much darker and more insightful songs like ‘Sick Boy’.

‘Sick Boy’ was written after a nine month break of not releasing a brand new song of any sort. This was a big break since the group was putting out new music almost every month when they first became a hit. Previously, The Chainsmokers would pride themselves on including lyrics on their generation, the World and romance. This new title track reflects the current tone of society according to the group. Frustration and anger came from two musicians who were watching themselves become famous and fighting to stay true to who they are. An honest reaction to this change and development in their lives is what The Chainsmokers wrote about. Not quite a political stance or an opinion on our country in essence, ‘Sick Boy’ reflects how social media is playing a large role in our lives and the lives of musicians, actors, actresses and other celebrities. Society is turning these people into something in-human to some degree.

The plan after ‘Sick Boy’ is released is to start pumping out new music like The Chainsmokers are used to. You can expect a slew of releases to start hitting the charts like mad in the coming months so get ready because a tour will follow as well. The sounds you hear will evolve with each new track so while the music may be getting a little bit darker after this break, keeping things fresh is what will stay true.

Des Perez Leading Woman For Talent Management At Roc Nation

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Des Perez is a leading businesswoman when it comes to the high stakes talent agency. In a profession where lazy people will not thrive, Des holds a place in one of the biggest circles of movers and shakers that is predominantly male. Des Perez is equipped to handle all aspects of the talent industry from production, developement, investers and concert tour management. Developing all aspects of her talents empire is what makes her such a multifaceted leading entertainment business professional.

Des Perez has been a trusted advisor for Jay-Z for over twenty two years. When it comes to corporate board room meetings and deciding the best moves for areas of his empire, Des has a no nonsense attitude. She makes sure that every decision made is one that will benefit her client to the fullest and is a force to be reckoned with. Des Perez also has worked with Rihanna. She was able to work out a twenty five million dollar deal with Samsung that would promote Rihanna’s Anti Tour.   For blogs and timeline updates, check her page.

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As a Chief Opperating Officer at Roc Nation, Desiree Perez works with music producers, recording artists and songwriters on various entertainment aspects such as brand building and management, music tours and promoting music and publishing. Roc Nation works with industry experts to help enhance and promote their clients.  Hop over to for an interesting article.

With negotiating skills being the center of creating the best promotional deals for talent, Des Perez always has her clients best interest and careers in mind when it comes to their music and tours.  More of her negotiating skills on  Talent management in the performance industry can be a thankless and tough job, but Des Perez doesn’t mind, she enjoys pulling off near miracles when glitches in tours and concerts happen. She enjoys making sure fans have a positively memorable experience and performers have a seamless show.  Added info on

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The Importance of Desiree Perez

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When it comes to hip-hop, it remains responsible for much of today’s music success. To expound further, hip-hop remains an integral part of self-expression for today’s youth. Moreover, hip-hop has produced billionaires who came from the slums of America. With that being said, Jay-Z remains the billionaire in reference. For those unaware, Jay-Z remains an extremely popular hip-hop artist who persevered and sold millions of albums. Moreover, Jay-Z remains one of the greatest rappers of all time. To expound further, he remains married to Beyonce Knowles. For over a decade, the couple has remained together and started a family. Check for more reading.

In addition, Jay-Z remains a successful entrepreneur with seemingly limitless potential. As he built an empire, his longtime friend Desiree Perez remained right there. To expound further, Jay Z’s $150 million deal with Live Nation remains no longer. Moreover, he remains focused on his Roc Nation album. In 2008, Jay Z signed a 10-year deal with Live Nation for $150 million dollars. Therefore, the deal remains set for closure in 2018. Due to the expiration of the deal, either side could sell their ownership in the company. In spite of his tenure coming to an end, Jay Z will continue his touring deal with Live Nation.   For more interesting article, click on this.

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In parallel, Desiree Perez remains known for her close relationship with Jay-Z. For almost 20 years, she has remained a loyal ally to Jay Z. As a result, she remained responsible for running the SC Enterprises. With that being said, Desiree Perez remains responsible for channeling her expertise into several avenues of business.  To learn more about Dez, visit her page.

Moreover, she remains skilled in her ability to negotiate. To expound further, Desiree Perez remained responsible for negotiating Beyonce’s Formation stadium. Moreover, she played an integral role in Rihanna’s Samsung deal. With that being said, Desiree Perez remains a well-respected business professional.  Read more about her negotiating skill on

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The brilliant Story of the Brilliant Desiree Perez

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Desiree Perez, simply know by alias Dez, has thrived where most women have failed as men have dominated, proving that the glass ceiling is either mythical or has been broken. She is a talent manager, a producer and an entrepreneur who has scaled the heights in the music industry, rising to the position of Chief Operating Officer in the Jay Z owned Roc Nation music label. Although Desiree has been involved in many widely popular projects over her 20 years stay in the music industry, she does not seek fame for herself. She is known as a strong negotiator and pitted to have had a hand in the “360 Deal” between Jay Z’s Roc Nation and Live Nation, which is soon coming to an end. She has been involved in formulating a way forward for Jay Z post the 360 deal thus going to the extent of meeting executives from Universal Music Group, presumably to discuss a possible deal. Interesting article on

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Ms. Perez has been instrumental in the discovery and growth of various talents in the music industry, top among the Robin Rihanna Fenty, popularly known as Rihanna. Although concealed from the limelight, Dez has been instrumental in managing and growing Rihanna, both in the music scene and in the business space. She was instrumental in ensuring the realization of the Samsung deal that saw Rihanna net $25 million from her Anti project. Rihanna also gained plenty of publicity from this deal, which propelled her into the enigma in the music industry that she has become.  For updates on Dez recent timeline activities, click   Dez remains one of the most famous people in Rihanna’s inner circle and remains closely involved in most of her projects, both in the music industry and outside of it.  Read more from Dez, visit her page.

Ms. Perez is a well-respected player in the music industry and is a member of the Hova Circle of Influence, which is a group responsible for the success of the Roc Nation, Roc Nation musicians, and Roc Nation products.  Hop over to for more.

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