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OSI Industries: Acquiring Flagship Europe

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OSI Industries has decided to acquired another company that once made an impression on the world. This company is called Flagship Europe. This company distributed a wide range of sauces, salad dressings, mayonnaise’s, pies, and other foods that people all across the globe would normally eat. Now OSI has the company as their own, which makes the food they distributed theirs.

Acquiring this business was a very wise move on the part of OSI Industries. They get to have all of this food aside from the meats and other products they were already wholesaling. This strategy has given them a chance to be dominant in this arena. Globally no one can really compete with them. They also bought a Tyson facility back in Chicago. Now they are able to distribute even more of their goods thanks on part to buying this facility. It also puts more people to work which helps the economy. With a strategic move that was well played on their part to get Flagship Europe, they are going to be a very competitive company. Taking over companies that are liking to be bailed out is just one way of staying ahead of the competition. When you can distribute more than just meat, it helps to keep the profits flowing. This is a win for everyone involved. If the company was failing, then OSI Industries found a way to turn it around under their leadership and not it is prosperous for them.

OSI Industries offers a lot of what people really want. From meat to know to distribute baked goods and mayonnaise just makes the deal sweeter. This was a very wise business decision and more competitors are forced to stay relevant while OSI is reaping the benefits of a company that turn to them for a buyout. That is saying something about the company other companies need help from truly sinking. Other companies know if anybody could make things better, it would be OSI Industries. You will buy food from your local supermarket and realize that OSI is likely the maker of most of it.

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OSI Industries, from Regional Supplier to World Operation

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Everyone has heard of Mcdonalds, but have you heard of OSI Industries? They have been the supplier to Mcdonalds for over 55 years and are now one of the largest food providers in the world.

The industry first got its start during the 20th century at the height of European immigration to the US. In 1909, Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant living in Chicago, opened up a retail meat market and butcher shop. By 1928, the official name was changed to Otto and sons. Where does Mcdonalds and OSI Industries connect? It was the popular chains’ first supplier of fresh ground beef.

It took another two decades for Otto and Sons to transform from a regional company to a global operation, and it wasn’t until 1975 that they officially became OSI Industries. During this time, the company also expanded internationally which meant it expanded to not only be a family run business but also include outside parties.

As the company grew bigger and there was a larger demand for their products, they had to get innovative. They began to use a process called, flash freezing. Through this, the food is frozen using liquid nitrogen which has helped with cost reduction and expansion of product.

The Mcdonalds-OSI relationship was so strong, in 1973 OSI Industries built a plant dedicated solely to Mcdonald’s product!

OSI Industries has grown and flourished so well over the years that in 2016 it ranked #58 on the Forbes list of largest private companies and continues to make an impact on American soil, as well as foreign.

Recently in 2010, the company has relied on research and development, opening two Culinary Innovation centers, to better understand their clients to produce new and improved products. Due to their efforts of consumer happiness and environmental safety, the company has won multiple awards, such as the California Green Business Award and the 2016 Globe of Honour. OSI buys former Tyson Foods plant on South Side for $7.4M

For a company you’ve never heard of, they have been the backbone of one of the worlds most successful fast-food chains and continues to make an impact all over the world.