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End Citizens United Knows That Corporations Have Different Interests

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End Citizens United is perhaps the most important political action committee ever assembled. They’ve come together after the insane 2010 Supreme Court decision that carries the name Citizens United. It all stems from a propaganda film that was attempted to be aired by Citizens United back in 2008 during the Democratic presidential primary debates between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The FEC shot the movie down after Citizens United would not divulge the financers of the film. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

Another federal court also shot down the right of Citizens United to air propaganda during an election cycle. Then, out of the blue, the Supreme Court unexpectedly decided to hear the case. With a conservative majority, the Supreme Court ruled that Citizens United indeed had the right to air the fake documentary and to keep the financers secret.


The implications of the decision could echo through history. It essentially grants more rights to corporations as they are now free to express their First Amendment rights through the spending of cash through political action committees. Now giant rivers of money are flowing through our political system to sway elections in the best interests of corporations.

End Citizens United knows that the interests of corporations are not the interests of the people. Corporations are compelled by law to make the most money for investors. This fiduciary responsibility often leads to corporations fighting for the right to pollute, exploit workers and break up unions. That’s exactly what the boards of these companies will fight for using unlimited sums of money.

This reduces the power of the individual voter. After all, millions of dollars can buy very persuasive advertisements that can fool and misinform the voter. This may lead to voters casting a ballot against their own interests. That’s exactly what End Citizens United wants to end.

End Citizens United has a comprehensive approach to the problem. They are currently throwing their grassroots organizational skills behind Democratic candidates around the country. They also work with state and local governments to change campaign laws. In the end, the envision a country free from the shackles of Citizens United. View the group’s profile on