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End Citizens United Uses Grassroots Fundraising To Raise Awareness About Undisclosed Political Spending

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The website Positive the Facts, a news website based in the UK, covers a variety of information in education, technology, finance, health, and science with an experienced team of editors, writers and journalists. Their recent article written by Paul Peters called “Activists Investigations Uncover Russian Meddling According to End Citizens United” discusses the foreign influence on the U.S. 2016 presidential elections.

Peters discusses the recent Huffington Post article that explored the ease with which foreign entities can contribute to political campaigns. Not only did the article reveal how easy foreign manipulation of the electoral process but it also discusses the Russian contributions and involvement in the 2016 presidential election.

The Russian company with direct connections to Kremlin purchased ads on social media which aided Trump’s campaign. Despite the fact that foreign interests are not legally able to spend money on political elections in the U.S., there is a large loophole which allows them to do so. Right wing special interest groups and politicians have influenced the lawmaking process to make the financing almost untraceable.

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The Russians spent more than six figures on different social advertisements and clandestine social media posts to create anti-Clinton propaganda while supporting the Trump campaign. These ads ran for more than 2 years with more than 3,000 posts on Facebook alone. The fake accounts and pages were suspended, but this kind of foreign influence on American political campaigns is just the beginning. The legal loopholes created a way for political supporters to donate money without accountability.

Currently, there are more than 15 pending cases by the Federal Election Commission which are looking at the political spending of foreign entities.

End Citizens United revealed how many valid points the Huffington Post article had. The non-profit company began in 2010 after the Supreme Court ruled that corporations and other entities could donate an unlimited amount that is untraceable to campaigns. This leaves room for the corporations to have no accountability or transparency in their actions of donating to tip the scales of political power in their favor.

End Citizens United seeks to show the voters, the press and elected officials that grassroots campaigns are capable of fighting back against the billionaires who are seeking to influence the political elections. By creating financial reform and working with candidates, End Citizens United looks to end the influence of Big Money in American politics. By raising awareness, they will be able to raise the issue as a priority revealing how undisclosed political spending is simply out of control.

The Truth About George Soros

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There is no man in the world more misunderstood and unfairly reviled than George Soros. His accomplishments are enormous, and his opinions in the field of world economics are prized by intelligent and influential world leaders, but here in his home country, he has been depicted as a scoundrel, a communist, a fascist, and a Jewish member of an evil new world order. George Soros is feared by one ugly portion of the Republican Party in America, and they have spewed a derogatory detritus of propaganda about this man solely owing to his progressive views on governing.

George Soros, born Gyorgy Schwartz into a well-to-do Jewish family in Budapest, Hungary at a time in history when Jews were under attack from Fascist regimes. It was the Second World War, and his homeland was occupied by the German Army on Forbes. As a fourteen-year-old Jewish Boy he was to take notices prepared by German officers to other Jewish professionals in Budapest, his father said to tell those receiving the notifications that if they complied they would be sent to concentration camps. Toward the end of the war, he experienced the liberating Russian forces occupying Hungary and learned first hand of another form of governance.

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Those of us in America can not imagine the stresses experienced by George Soros during the Second World War, especially as a Jewish boy. He persevered and at the end of the war was able to immigrate to the United Kingdom where he began his formal academic education at the prestigious London School of Economics. During his studies, he came to read and agree with Karl Popper and his theories about Open Societies. After Soros made his fortune on Wall Street, he would start his charitable foundation and name it after Popper’s theory, The Open Societies.

Soros continued his immigration by coming to the United States of America and working on Wall Street in the late 1950s. As a Hungarian from a Jewish family, it was difficult for him to find work and when employed he felt restricted by New York Society. After having limited success, Soros struck out on his own and founded the Quantum Fund, which he would later name the Soros Fund. His big break came from his knowledge of the financial and economic conditions taking place in the United Kingdom when the predecessor to the European Union was being formed he recognized that the British Sterling Pound was substantially overvalued and would soon fall. In 1992 pursuing this future reality for the Pound he bet that it would decline. His investment of $10 billion brought him a profit of $1 billion in a matter of hours.

Shortly after that Soros founded the Open Societies Foundation and sought to invest $ billions improving world governments by making them more open and available to their citizens.
Soros’ progressive political views have made him a pariah among rich conservative Republicans and hence the flood of negatives about him. In reality, George Soros is a shining example of what Americans should aspire to become.

Billionaire Democratic Activist George Soros Leading Democratic Donors Again

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After years of being unenthused with politics, after losing his attempt in 2004 to stop George W. Bush from becoming the U.S. President, billionaire philanthropist George Soros is back in action. Soros had spent $27 million in 2004 while trying to defeat the Republican party’s candidate on Since then he has been mostly inactive in contributing to political parties and candidates. Now Soros has shown that he is back into supporting democratic politics with his $25 million in donations to various democratic candidates, but primarily in support of Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House.

Soros is estimated to be worth nearly $25 billion, much of it earned in very risky, seemingly prescient currency trading. For instance, in the 1980s when there were problems with the British Pound, he short-sold British Sterling and profited over $1 billion. George Soros had planned to go the to 2016 Democratic party’s convention in New York. However, he his advisors had revealed that he cancelled his plans for that trip, because he is so concerned about the current destabilizing events in Europe.

Soros evidently wants to concentrate on monitoring and helping as he can with that possible unraveling of the European Union (EU); especially because of “Brexit,” the label applied by media to Britain’s recent withdrawal from the EU. He has clearly turned on his political donations to the Democrats, full-tilt, in an attempt to stop Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

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George Soros moved to the west from Hungary, the Eastern European country where he was born in 1930. That was after spending a stretch of time in England, where he escaped brutal communist U.S.S.R. rule in their occupation of his home country during the Cold War era. He had already endured Nazi Germany’s invasion and occupation of Hungary just a few years before that, in World War II. He graduated from England’s London School of Economics. He has always been outspoken and has written books that share his liberal democratic political views and especially his criticisms of the U.S. Government’s handling of foreign policy.

George Soros is the founder of the Open Society Foundations(OSF), which is a socio-political collective organization dedicated to promoting better healthcare, better education, and basic human rights experienced by all true democracies in the world. He also uses this organization to work to gain freedoms for all people around the world who are oppressed by their own despotic governments. Much of this information came from an article on Politico.