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Securus CEO, Rick A. Smith States That The Firm Deserved A BBB Accreditation.

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In early 2016, Securus received a Better Business Bureau accreditation with and A+ rating. The communication providing company provides technological communication solutions to the legal community in the United States. It focuses on providing technology to the civil society and criminal justice community for managing public safety, monitoring, investigations and correctional activities. The senior vice president of operations of Securus, Danny de Hoyos, stated that the firm earned the right for an A+ accreditation from BBB by working hard to prove its quality in services and products. Danny also revealed that Securus accreditation affirmed its formal high-quality status in showing oral and printed communications to its clients. A BBB accreditation is a voluntary service that Securus chose to integrate into its procedure of helping customers believe that it meets required standards.



To qualify for a BBB accreditation, it is a must that an enterprise builds trust with his clients, and maintain a positive relationship throughout a transaction. Securus earned the rating by affirming that it advertises its services through legitimate means and telling the truth about its products and services. Securus has clear business information that apparently gives customers details concerning the nature of its activities, the location of its offices, company ownership, policies status, business procedures and customer guarantees. Securus honors its promises by abiding by a written agreement and timely replying to marketplace concerns with professionalism and good faith. Besides, maintaining integrity in business, Securus protects the privacy of all its data by preventing fraud and mishandling and respecting the preferences of all its customers. Rick A. Smith, the chief executive officer of Securus, stated that the BBB accreditation was proof of the firm’s practice in what it says. He revealed that Securus loved the BBB accreditation analysis process and enjoyed working with them for proper scrutiny.


Securus Technologies Refutes GTL Remarks

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There are many reasons why Securus Technologies needs to protect their reputation. They do so many great things for the public’s safety. When they saw the negative remarks that GTL was making about them, they had to do something because it will take years for the courts to catch up with it. They decided to produce an article that would reduce the effects that GTL was having on their reputation.


They also invited a number of people to see what they do at their headquarters. This is based in Dallas, TX. When people come to the presentation that they are going to have, they will be able to see the latest things that they are working on, and ask questions.


Securus Technologies is a well-respected leader in the public safety sector. They complete work for the government on a regular basis. They are constantly in the process of creating even better technology that can protect the public. This company deals with an enormous amounts of inmates all the time, and they are experts at what they do for the various facilities that they help. They want to make sure that the world is a safer place to live, and they will accomplish their goal with their dedicated staff. In both the civil and criminal sides of justice, Securus Technologies shines.