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Freedom Checks – Understanding the System

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You’ve probably heard of the recent hype regarding Freedom Checks, and if you haven’t, you will soon. Located at the end of e-mails and subscription services, what exactly are these mysterious checks that people have been profiting from? Is it another scam or is it a misconstrued idea? Here, we will investigate the logic behind these checks and how you could benefit from them. Read more about Freedom Checks at


To understand this system, we first have to learn how MLPs function. MLP stands for “Master Limited Partnership” which is known as a publically traded partnership. Normally, firms pay two tax rates — a corporate tax rate, and a tax rate that applies to their profits that are split into dividends. In order to avoid paying the corporate tax rate, firms will switch to a MLP so that they only have to pay taxes on their distributions. Not only does this benefit the firm, but it also benefits investors as they receive more money back through Freedom Checks.


At first glance, this system seems analogous to the stock market, the caveat being that the corporation must generate their profit from natural resources. This means that many of the industries that you can cash in on with Freedom Checks are ones that involve coal and pipelines. Having success with this system will require shareholders to get involved in niche industries, which should be no problem if you are a dedicated investor.

To show how this idea is gaining traction, reports are showing that hundreds of corporations today are issuing Freedom Checks to its shareholders. Citizens from around the country are receiving close to one-hundred grand annually for their investments. Payments are issued quarterly. As a general motto, you have to invest more money to gain more money. It is also worth keeping in mind that these checks do not come from the government; they come directly from the companies themselves.

While this system is not perfect, it is worth looking into if you enjoy trading and calculated risks. Now is the time to jump into these waters if you were interested in the stock market previously — the similarities will help you along the way. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.