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Norka Luque – A Positively Inspiring Artist

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When Norka Luque was young, she was making music and sharing her uplifting personality with everyone that would let her. When Norka’s mother and father realized how much she loved creating music, they immediately decided to help her in every way that they were able to. Norka received professional vocal instructions and piano lessons, in addition to two styles of dance. Norka was always a wonderful student and a successful academic, and she did not let her grades fall even though she kept so busy with her musical education.

Norka was born Norka Martinez Luque in 1986 in Venezuela. Her childhood was kept very busy working towards her musical goals and attending school. After graduation, she moved to France wher she continued her education by earning degrees in Culinary Arts, Marketing and Fashion. She also studied Business Administration while in France. During her time in France she had the opportunity to join a band. After sometime she found herself working with one of the world’s top music producers, Emilio Estefan. Together they began to bring Norka’s music to the world, earning her a nomination for the Best Female Pop Singer. Her songs have found themselves topping charts spanning multiple genres, such as urban and salsa in addition to pop music. Norka writes music in both Spanish and English, and her songs are available at all of the world’s most popular digital stores.

Norka writes with a deep understanding of the psychology behind music. She is an intelligent, educated and very positive and vibrant person. She understands the effect that music has on people and their moods and emotions. The lyrics of a song can uplift you, make you cry, dig down deep inside of you and pull up a long hidden sadness or bring to life a happiness that may have been forgotten. Norka has a love for humanity, and wants to share music that uplifts people, music that brings to mind happy thoughts and positive emotions that will help to fuel them and drive them to living an inspired life. Her music is motivational, inspirational, uplifting and personal in a way that everybody can relate to. That is one of the key ingredients to getting your music to touch people’s lives. Norka writes music that is personal to her, and is also relatable to her fans. This has set Norka Martinez Luque apart from other artists of today, and she has a long and bright future ahead of her.

Gene Simmons Talks About Rare KISS Acoustic Concert

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KISS was the “hottest band in the land” in the 1970’s. The newest incarnation of the band has been incredibly successful as well. KISS’ previous arena tour was incredibly successful at the box office. So, it is surprising that KISS is playing a very small and intimate venue in Sioux Falls, SD.

Gene Simmons has discussed a few details with Jon Urbana about the upcoming event. The show will take place at Badlands Pawn, a small venue to be sure.

The concert is going to be a lot like the classic 1990’s Unmasked appearance. Kiss is not going to be in makeup, and the band will play acoustic versions of their classic (and new) songs. The event is also reminiscent of the old convention tour the band performed before experiencing a huge career resurgence known as the reunion tour.

The new version of KISS features Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer in the role of the “Spaceman” and the “Catman”, characters made famous by original members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. At the South Dakota show, Thayer and Carr will be appearing on stage without makeup, a rare occurrence these days. Of course, frontmen Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are performing at the show.

The event at Badlands is being dubbed the “Intimate Concert” and, hopefully, an audio or video of the event will be released. The show is definitely slated to be a unique piece of “KISStory” as it marks an extremely rare type of concert for the band these days.