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Stay Connected With The Top Inmate Network Calling Provider

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Staying connected with their family, friends, and legal representation is very important for inmates when they transition to a life outside of the jail. Most inmates agree that the most important privilege for them is staying connected to the outside. Securus Technologies is responsible for processing over 55.7 billion inmate calling minutes. In fact, it is just as important to acknowledge tha they are responsible for government mandated monitoring of other network providers. A PRN Newswire article had highlights on the Global Tel-Link fourth quarter audit that was very successful. Securus secures your inmate calling network.


Securus Technologies recently combined partnerships with video professionals at Vimeo and a successful partnership with Jpay. Operator assisted calls were costing families a lot of out-of-pocket expense to stay connected with inmates, but Securus Technologies has changed all of that with revolutionary calling features. You’ll save money and receive quality calls. Every minute specified in your contract is available worry free. You’ll even get features that will eliminate the need to commute to a correctional facility for services. Thousands of people rely on Securus Technologies across the nation for their calling needs. You can access their program by visiting their official website.


Securus Calling Features


Telephone Pay Services


Telephone pay is an exciting feature that is being offered to Securus customers through a merger with JPay services. Their services allow customers to pay for features on their inmate account over the phone with a valid checking or credit card.


Inmate Voicemail


Voicemail inmate correctional features allow inmates to receive messages. You never have to miss a call from a loved one again by leaving them a message on their voicemail account. This feature is available to inmates from inside the facility and offer inmates and their families the opportunity to save money.

Securus Technologies Provides Insight on Breaking Ethical Codes

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A subject that I have recently researched is an interesting subject that concerns a communications company that holds one of the largest monopolies over the prison communications networks. This company is Securus Technologies and is currently one of the largest communication networks in North America that currently provides access to communication for around 1.2 million inmates that stretch across the entirety of North America. Securus Technologies is a company that is known for being the leading company in innovative technology. This company is known to provide innovative solutions for civil and criminal justice. From what I have researched, all of these solutions solve major problems that appear in public safety issues, investigation, corrections and monitoring and many other issues. In recent news, this company has been investigating the wrongdoings of other countries that are also involved in the communication industry. Securus Technologies has noted that many other companies have been charging customers with high prices that goes against any ethical code.

Richard Smith, the current CEO of Securus Technologies comments on the fact that he finds it appalling that companies that have pledged excellence and integrity have stooped to this level. Securus Technologies is specifically turning the blame towards Global Tel Link. With sufficient evidence, Securus Technologies has found that this company has even been rewiring the phones within the prisons to add on 30 seconds more to the call for each phone call that is made.

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company that has pledged excellence to the customers of this company. Not only has this company vowed to provide emergency response to any issue, but this company also provides incident management, public information, as well as investigation for any of the customers. This company has vowed to put all funds into developing technology in order to make the world a safer place.