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Serge Belamant significance to the technology sector

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Serge Belamant was born in France but brought up in South Africa. He pursued his studies at Witwatersrand University where he graduated with a degree in computer science and technology. Through his expertise and interest in coding financial software, he has created an efficient image in the sector. He established his own firm Net UEPS Technologies in 1989. The firm focused on creating a universal electronic payment system. He built the devices by himself and during 1995 he was visited by VISA; they contracted him to create an offline chip card. Currently, we know the cards as credit and debit cards which are utilized in financial institutions.

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The initial chip offline card Serge Belamant created is currently being utilized in nations such as Iraq and Russia. He initiated another business which is Zilch Technologies and it is located in the United Kingdom. Besides this role, he manages Prism Group Holdings and Medikredit Healthcare Solutions as their advisor. He earns his cash by creating new products that are essential to individuals. He urges entrepreneurs to continue gaining knowledge as it is essential towards the growth of a business. Acquiring customers is similar to a job since it takes effort and time. The product may be effective but it requires to gain trust in the market for it to prosper.

Serge Belamant urges entrepreneurs that a product needs a strong structure to ensure it will not lack in the market. The appropriate method to market your products currently is through the use of the internet. His firm Zilch has prospered through people sharing the platform to their friends and it was distributed further. In order to be successful Serge Belamant states that you have to be passionate about what you do and keep pushing it till you achieve it. His most amazing experience is when he began his initial firm. There is a confidence that comes in after you have success with an initial task and an urge which pushes you to do more. The trend that he is amazed by is DNA analysis because it has a variety of application globally.