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Shervin Pishevar takes to Twitter to highlight the thorny issues affecting the US Economy

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Who is Shervin Pishevar?

Investment company and since then, he had maintained a low profile until he resurfaced on Twitter recently. Shervin Pishevar is a well-known entrepreneur and investor with interests in multinational companies such as Uber. In a tweet storm that lasted over 20 hours, Pishevar discussed various issues that affect the American economy.

Most of the people who know Pishevar argue that his rant on Twitter was not a surprise since he is known as man of many words. He never hesitates to make his opinion known to the public and his criticism of various aspects of the economy is in the public domain. Some people still found the tweet storm rather surprising, especially because it came after a prolonged silence.

What did Shervin Pishevar say about the economy in his tweets?

Shervin Pishevar seemed to agree with many financial analysts who believe that the stock market will continue to slip. In his opinion, Pishevar seems to think that the gains that have been made in 2018 have already been lost. He further claims that the economy is in the process of losing the gains it made last year. The outcome of the continued slippage in the stock market is an increase in credit account deficits, tax giveaways, and high interest rates.

In the numerous tweets, Pishevar sought to address the issue of government bonds and their effectiveness. In his tweet he says, Expect hints of QE4 from our leaders if market doesn’t normalize quickly.’ Pishevar argues that for many years, government bonds have been used by the Federal Reserve to address the instability in the stock market although this success does not mean that government bonds have an unlimited capacity. He seemed to suggest that the current instability within the stock market might reach a state where government bonds would be inadequate to address the instability in the stock market. If Pishevar’s analysis is true, the country is likely to experience an economic crisis in the near future.

Lawrence Bender and his Impressive Career in Hollywood

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Quentin Tarantino has made many of America’s classic films, but he didn’t do it alone. Through most of Tarantino’s struggles, he had Lawrence Bender at his side, acting as producer for many of Tarantino’s greatest accomplishments in film.

When Tarantino’s first project, Reservoir Dogs, was being created, Bender was there to assist Tarantino with financial backing and additional support. Since the release of this movie, Bender and Tarantino have worked together nearly a dozen times.

The two film giants even partnered together to create their own production company in the early 1990s. This company was named A Band A Part, and it was in operation until 2006.

Lawrence Bender doesn’t restrict his work to Tarantino projects. He has also produced documentaries, television, and music videos.

Knockaround Guys

Lawrence Bender is familiar with the crime genre, producing a large number of films in this category. One of these films is Knockaround Guys, which starred Vin Diesel, Barry Pepper, John Malkovich, and Dennis Hopper.

The film centers around four sons of prominent mob-bosses who were tasked with retrieving a large amount of cash from a small-town sheriff. This task prepares them for future leadership, and they realize exactly what type of work their parents do.

The film opened with a mediocre response from critics. It was directed by Brian Koppelman and David Levien.

Good Will Hunting

This is a more popular, more critically accepted effort from Lawrence Bender. This film stars Robin Williams, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Minnie Driver. The film was written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

The plot of Good Will Hunting focuses on a young man named Will who works as a janitor at MIT. One day, while making the rounds at the school, he comes across a complex math equation on the board and solves it.

The movie centers around all parts of Will’s life. Therapy, love, and friendship are just a few of the things Will deals with in the movie.

Skout Publishes Survey About Random Acts Of Kindness

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Have you ever seen a good deed done for the simple yet worthy sake of helping make someone’s day better? These good deeds are all around us, but what makes them so special? They are done for friends, but sometimes they are done to help a stranger in need. This is when it is most random and unpredictable. People usually don’t premeditate how to help a stranger, but they will often help someone in need when they see an opportunity present itself. For instance, you might see someone broken down, stranded on the side of the highway on your way home. Will you do a random act of kindness in order to help them by calling a tow truck or stopping to see if they are okay?

It feels good to be on the receiving end of these good deeds because it feels like someone is watching out for you. It feels like you are respected. It feels like you have a big brother or big sister or even a guardian angel watching out for you. Sometimes the individual assisting someone else doesn’t even see the person they are assisting. In a survey about random acts of kindness that was published by Skout on the site called Uloop, a group of survey participants ranked what they thought were the best random acts of kindness. Right at the top of their list was buying a coffee or fast food for someone without even seeing them. That means that someone tells the cashier to charge them for the next person’s order just because the feel like doing something nice for someone else.

Skout published this survey because they were taking part in the past week called Random Acts Of Kindness Week. It occurs every February 15th to 20th, and you can keep celebrating all year long. If you were interested in their survey, they found that 51 percent of people surveyed about the subject actually do these types of good deeds on a regular basis. From the other statistic available, 93 percent of people surveyed had done a random act of kindness in the past. Skout, in case you are unaware, is a social media app that helps people find friends, online friends and romantic partners all over the world. The article from Uloop is available here if you want to read it.

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