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Jason Hope Talks about How IoT is Changing the Airline Industry for the Good

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Jason Hope is one of the leading technology experts who have a passion for learning about the new market. He has been studying the technology expert for a long time and knows which industries to invest in. It is the reason why he has been able to be one of the leading tech entrepreneurs in the world today. He believes that the Internet of Things is going to change the world. Today, IoT is more than just a concept, and it is being used by many different industries to improve their services. One of the industries that have adopted IoT is the airline industry, and it is becoming an integral part of the industry. Jason Hope explains the use of the Internet of Things to others so that other people too can know what its uses are.

The airline industry is using IoT to increase safety by collecting and analyzing data in real time. Maintenance is tracked beforehand and scheduled to make the entire process error-free. Internet of Things is also helping the airline industry improve their services to the customers. Flyers can easily check-in before boarding the flight and pick a seat of their liking. They also do not have to open their apps since the boarding pass is sent through email. People can also get the direction to their gate at the airport. With international airport having multiple gates, it can be difficult for flyers to reach there on time especially on connecting flights.

However, with the uses of the mobile device, they can easily get the direction to the gate. Jason Hope believes that the airline industry is still finding new ways to use technology to their advantage. New tech services are being studied and developed to improve the overall experience of the customers and make the industry even safer. Jason Hope knows that IoT will benefit the flyers and airline companies too. The companies will be able to understand the needs of their flyers and provide them with customized experience throughout the journey. It is not just the airline industry, but many other industries that can benefit from IoT and there is a greater need to study and understand them before adopting them.

About Alex Hern

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Alex Hern

Although the virtual reality is something that most people think of for games and entertainment there is a completely different side to it as expert Alex Hern has been bringing virtual reality to the workplace. About virtual reality in the workplace poses some huge advantages over online meetings or conferences. While online meetings and conferences have been great there were a ton of barriers and it never felt like that person was there working with the other parts of the group as it was more of a report in type situation.

But with a virtual reality world set up of the offices, the people can meet from all over the world and truly see each other in a way that just brings a new reality to it. That way all people can have a hands-on approach to brainstorming and working on whatever product or service that they are trying to come up with.

Alex Hern is one of the leading figures in bringing this to the workplace even going as far as to be traveling all over the world to companies that are interested in learning more about how virtual reality can grow the global business, reach customers better, and overall just serve the needs of the company.

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Serge Belamant the Father of Blockchain Technology

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Blockchain technology came with the aim of ensuring transparency, accuracy, and security in the financial sector. Since then, it has evolved and applied in several areas. Block chain technology is the backbone of crypto-currencies and advances suggest its use in securing the internet of things (IoT). Serge Belamant founded the technology by combining smartcard technology plus micro-controllers. Blockchain technology allows financial institutions, whether public or private to increase efficiency in matters deposits and withdrawals among other commercial activities. Serge Belamant owns his first patent to Blockchain technologies.


Born to a skilled tiller in Tulle, France, Serge, and his parents moved to South Africa where he enrolled at Highlands North High School for Boys in Johannesburg. He pursued his high school education while participating in various co-curricular activities. He participated in rugby and held the position of house captain for the science and bridge clubs. Additionally, Serge was exceptional in chess and ranked sixth in the 1972 South African Chess School Championships. He would graduate with an exemption pass and proceed to Witwatersrand University School of engineering. During his second year, Belamant switched to computer science and applied mathematics. He would then transfer during his third year to the University of South Africa. At the university, he took up the information systems. As the university didn’t allow him to transfer his credits from the previous universities, Serge opted to join the workforce. At this time, he was 22 years old.


Belamant career began at Matrix. He would then develop an application that helped the country predict and prevent effects of droughts by finding the optimal water levels in dams. His computer skills saw him work with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research as the head of Pretoria computer section. During this time, his skills helped the institution in finding breakthroughs in statistical methods and road network analysis among others. Serge Belamant worked with Bancorp and then SASWITCH Limited until 1989 when he founded Net1 Technologies. It was with Net1 technologies that his career blossomed. Serge Belamant would later work with Visa and other companies. At its peak, Net1 Technologies valued at $2 billion. Furthering his greatest invention, he went on to develop Blockchain technology by inventing the firsts electronic purse that had the capacity of working online and offline. Today, he works with Zilch Technology Limited.

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