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Talkspace with its New Partner, Michael Phelps

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Talkspace is a New York-based online mobile therapy company that has been helping millions of people. Oren and Roni Frank in 2012, founded this company. Users of Talkspace could have direct access to licensed therapists via the website or mobile app. Talkspace mainly deals in psychotherapy. It offers a wide range of options at different price packages. Along with text therapy, Talkspace also provides live talk therapy. Moreover, proper couple counseling is also given.  Check out to read more about Talkspace

Recently, Talkspace and Michael Phelps have become partners in time. Phelps will be serving Talkspace by using this platform for sharing his struggle with anxiety and depression. He will also be joining a national health campaign. To sum it all, Michael Phelps is looking forward to work alongside Talkspace in every aspect of providing awareness to commoners on issues related to mental health.

On the Talkspace website,, Michael Phelps has shared his own story. He has openly talked about the difficulties and problems that he faced being the victim of severe depression and anxiety. He also tells the solution and mentions the therapy which benefited him, made him stronger and helped Michael to fight and defeat depression. He voluntarily talked about his problem and therapy which shows how natural this partnership is.

Both, Talkspace and Michael Phelps want to break of the stereotypical taboos which prevent individuals suffering from mental issues from getting proper treatment. Most of the barriers arise from the fear of being counted as a left out. People also grow fear of stigma that he/she needs mental solutions. A highly recognized public speaker, talking about his own mental issues and a helpful therapy could be taken as a step forward in breaking these barriers and crossing these hurdles. Talkspace is looking forward to helping people in a much appropriate and reliable manner.



Talkspace Assisting People in Need of Therapy Through Online Counselling

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If you are looking for professional counseling, there are many alternatives available other than the traditional therapy these days. People can only use their mobile phones to get connected to the professional therapist and start their session online remotely. Talkspace is an app that was launched in the year 2012 and just a few years, it has been able to gain massive popularity because of how easy it is to use this app discreetly. Many people are wary of using professional help for their mental health issues, but with Talkspace, they are getting the privacy they need to get professional assistance for their mental health.

Talkspace has made it easier for the people to get assistance for their mental health. As the lives of people continue to become more hectic and stressful with time, it is essential that people take necessary action at the right time to control the damage. It is what Talkspace helps with, because not only can people connect with the licensed and professional therapist on Talkspace, the fees here is much lesser than what one would pay for traditional therapy. The exorbitant fees that one needs to pay for conventional therapy are one of the reasons why many people don’t go for treatment. However, Talkspace is affordable and ensures that people can get the therapy they need on time, without delay. People can connect with therapist anytime during the working hours and get assistance.

As per the recent study was done in South Korea, more and more teens are falling into the depression, and for them, Talkspace is an ideal option. Talkspace helps people rejuvenate their mind and free people of their worries. Many mental health problems would continue to linger on if not addressed at the right time. Talkspace is cheaper and convenient option for people to use these days to address their mental health concerns.