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Beauty Rubric is a Score of Perfection for Doe Deere

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Putting several beauty rules on a rubric grading system with headers like: unfortunate, safe, or perfection, would create a nice matrix and surprisingly one beauty queen would land in the perfection square every time. That fashion diva is Doe Deere. The queen unicorn has an uncanny sense of style like no other. She is the cat with the nine lives; she always lands on her feet when it comes to fashion excellence. Now, here is the biggest shocker, Doe Deere breaks all the rules! That is right; she tenderly mocks all the fashion celebrities’ hoopla about what to wear and what not to wear.

In this article we profiled several rule bender edicts according to Doe Deere. The queen says the old status quo, ho-hum make-up, hair coloring, clothes, style, and dress combination rules are outdated. She says add color in your life; jazz it up a little, or maybe a lot. First a common make-up myth is busted by the founder of Lime Crime. The rule says: never have dramatic eyes with matching knock-out lip color. The branding in Lime Crime cosmetics takes the position that superiority in applying make-up comes with the use of brilliant color both for eyes and lips. As an example, Lime Crime’s liquid eye liner color palette reminds one of a topical paradise where the ocean is blue, the foliage is emerald and the floral is orchidaceous. Orchidaceous is one of the lip color brands. In comparison the liquid lip colors are a riot in self-expression. Lime Crime offers the liquid lip color in a bold red-brown hue. Moreover the red velvet lip shade can dazzle any boring face into a rocket of splendor. So the unicorn of beauty says set the stage for a buoyant chromatic appearance with make-up.

Upbeat and cheery make-up is good, but Doe Deere says go further and mingle colors. The old tired adage is not to introduce more than a few colors together. However, the talented stylist formulates her ideas by citing color matching may be tricky, but she does not feel guilt at all about adding more variety to her ensemble of dress. A rainbow is beautiful because of the many, not because of the few colors. So she says go for it. The garland of prettiness Doe Deere says the answer is in the harmonization of tones.

If voluminous color is not an issue, than similarly the loveliness of Lime Crime debunks the tale told forbidding the use of pattern prints together. She recommends going with corresponding color arrangements which flatter each other. This is a highlight of precision she says all can do if one stays close to the scan of color in the same shade. Hence, Doe Deere challenges the fashionista to explore the vista that waits for you in pattern matching. Moreover, she advises similar fashion don’ts are only marginal provision broadcast as fact but are only simple guidelines. So she rallies the troops of trend to break free and experiment. So take the test and be graded, for you too can rank a perfect score on any fashion forward rubric scheme for noncompliance.

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Doe Deere is a female entrepreneur and founder of Lime Creator cosmetics. Doe was born in Russia and later relocated to the USA with her family, where she was raised in New York City. From her young age, Doe always had a passion for colors and she would find herself putting on her mom’s makeup, where she would apply dark pink eye shadow and brown lip gloss. For her what started as a childhood pass time activity, grew into a career in the cosmetic industry and ended up starting her own brand, Lime Crime Cosmetics. The inspiration behind the name Lime Crime, was her favorite bright green color which ended up rhyming with crime. According to Doe, the name simply stands for color revolution aimed at encouraging people to have fun with color.

Doe Deere the CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, has been featured in Self-Made magazine as one of the top inspiring female entrepreneurs, alongside female business moguls such as Suze Orman to name a few. She is widely known to be a supporter of fellow women owned firms and she finds joy in mentoring upcoming female entrepreneurs. Doe has been a speaker in a number of public events, such as PHAMExpo and she frequently talks on: finding your own voice and following your ambitions topic. Doe has a tendency of trying out all her products before being produced so that she gets to experience of them, and by doing so she is able to decide if the product matches up to the standards of Lime Crime. Some of Deere’s fashion and beauty rules to break include:

1. Wearing a bold eye with a bold lip: most women rely on doing one bold make up at a time. However, according to Deere it’s extremely fun to play with colors that make you happy. She loves to mix and match colors on her face such as blue milk eyeliner with a red velvet lipstick.

2. Mixing a variety of colors: according to Deere, having multiple shades is a beautiful thing. Her secret in pulling off the splash of color all at once is color coordination. Deere’s favorite color combinations are pink and green to name but a few.

3. Mixing of different patterns: Doe likes working with different patterns, and since there is no wrong way to mix and match patterns, her preference is to keep the patterns in the same color family as this helps avoid confusion.

4. Pairing socks with heels or open-toed shoes: this trend may sound old school, but Deere likes to think of shoes and socks as partners. Moreover she loves an extra bit of color on her feet and has a preference for socks with contrast toe.

5. You don’t have to dress your age: according to Deere, if you like something then it’s appropriate. She also doesn’t conform to the fact that your age should dictate your wardrobe.

Lime Crime Cosmetics To Brighten Your Life!

Home | Cosmetics | Lime Crime Cosmetics To Brighten Your Life!

Many years ago wearing bright colored lipsticks, blushes and skin makeup, and eye colors were the norm. Then things changed for a more subdued and sultry look, now the bright is back on with a cosmetic company called Lime Crime.

Lime Crime offers great bright, bold colors that will make your eyes, lips, and skin stand out and get noticed in any crowd. Creator, Doe Deere, is dramatic, dynamic, and as you can imagine..uses the products that she has discovered and invented since 2008 when she first started her Lime Crime business. Deere believes that make-up should be used as a personal preference to show self-expression, as well as the freedom to look like YOU want to look, not a cardboard copy of everyone else. Her products are animal friendly and she has a huge cast of customers and fans.

Lime Crime came about the name honestly. Deere loved the lime green color and when she accomplished starting her own line, she decided to name it after her favorite color and offer the world a variety of bright, bold colors to choose from in beautiful containers.

Lime Crime was originally started in 2004, when Deere was trying to startup a new fashion line and actually modeled her own clothes. She could not find any place that offered the makeup that she wanted to wear with the clothes, so she started to invent her own look. This is when the public started noticing her outstanding colors of lipsticks and eyewear. The makeup line very quickly upstaged her clothing line and Lime Crime was born.

A standard day in the business world for Doe Deere is meetings with her Creative Director, then more meetings with other top officials of her company. She feels that this keeps them all working together seamlessly and staying on top of every situation. She usually spends the rest of her day working in a lab on developing new products. Any new products developed, Deere tries on herself personally before they go to production. She likes to know that the products will fit in with the Lime Crime guidelines and will work for her customers.

Deere feels that in growing her business successfully, her relationships with the people she works with is very important. Deere is clear that all people are treated with respect and to show appreciation for a job well done will go a lot further than taking people for granted and talking down to them.

Deere has come a long way in the past few years. She looks forward to the years ahead with enthusiasm and a keen zest for life that will take her onto the next stage of her career with Lime Crime.