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Wengie’s DIY Edible School Supplies Brings Fun Back Into The Classroom!

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Wengie is a bright and bold YouTube personality with bleached blonde hair tipped with shades of purple and a wide smile that takes up most of her face at any given instance. She is lively and exciting and always full of pep. As well, she is constantly and consistently bubbling over with unique expressions and ideas, one of which is her DIY Edible School Supplies where she shows her viewers interesting ways to eat their fake school supplies in order to get attention and freak out their classmates and teachers in a cool, quirky, fun way. Through this video, Wengie teaches you how to make edible school supplies primarily out of gelatin and bubble gum in order to achieve these hidden tasty treats that have been cleverly disguised as certain school supplies like crayons, erasers, and sharpie permanent markers. Complete with detailed cooking directions and video of her creations being made with each simple step, Wengie makes the chemistry of cooking in to a genuinely fun experience for teens and children alike. Through her inspired video Wengie has figured out a way to get students of all ages looking forward to getting back into the school spirit with her curious creations and with an extremely bouncy persona to boot that assists in aiding in the entertainment department of her video. With a strong personality and super creative ideas and great video editing that makes people of all ages interested to click on and engage in Wengie connects with her viewers through a fun fresh take on the traditional edible school pranks of bringing Gatorade in Windex bottle. Wengie’s fresh take on this old school prank is enjoyable to take a look at and inspires students of all ages and background to try their own hands at simple chemistry… technically, thanks to the cooking and cooling process of the gelatin mixtures that shows perfect examples of how the heat can lead to the breaking of molecular bonds to create different forms of matter. Surprisingly unintentionally educational, this video was a cool point of view with new ideas on school products that one can easily replace with edible versions in order to create a respectfully fun and youthful environment with the added bonus of freaking out a couple friends and fellow classmates along the way as you chomp on your gelatin crayons and blow a bubble from out of your eraser.