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Stream Energy

Stream Energy is an organization that provides energy, home, wireless and protective services. The institution was founded in the year 2005, and so far it functions in 7 states. These include Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Stream Energy believes in making the world a better place, and thus is involved in a lot of philanthropic activities. Stream Energy came up with the Stream Care Center that was founded to help humanity during tough times such as diseases and natural disasters.


Stream Energy patch

The Stream Care foundation was featured on the Dallas Patch for their new philanthropic efforts. This feature was on March, 5th 2018 and Stream Energy was honored for being recognized. After Hurricane Harvey, the people in Houston were significantly affected. Many people were rendered homeless and a lot of property destroyed. Stream Care chipped in to help these people get their lives back. The organization provided funds to assist in recovery and also provided financial aid to the families to help them recover the assets they lost during the hurricane. Stream Care Center is also partners with Hope Supply Company for close to 4 years now, and they help homeless people in Dallas. They provide basic needs to these individuals including clothing, shelter, and food as well as secondary needs (education, school supplies).


Philanthropic efforts

The organization is involved in other charitable efforts which include:

  • They have partnered with the Red Cross Society to help in emergency situations such as fires and disasters. This partnership ensures that help is available 24/7.
  • They have partnered with Habitat for Humanity which helps people rebuild their homes and repair them. It also offers free labor for the repairs and mortgages that are affordable.
  • They have partnered with the Operation Once in a Lifetime that helps veterans in Dallas. They provide transportation services as well as food during their meetings.
  • In 2016, there was a tornado in North Texas that affected many lives. Stream energy partnered with the Salvation Army to help these victims by raising money to provide them with shelter, clothing, and food.

Altium Capital Targets HealthCare

Altium Capital founder Jacob Gottlieb is in the market for healthcare and medical treatment investments. Based in New York City, Gottlieb holds a medical degree from NYU Medical School and brings real healthcare knowledge to the investment environment. Gottlieb has partnered with Stuart Weisbrod, of Merlin BioMed Group, a proven investor with positions in Oracle Partners, Harpel Partners, Merrill Lynch, and Prudential-Bache Securities. At its height, Merlin achieved an investor 100% return rate for clients such as major pension funds, endowments, and high-value investors.

The investment strategy behind Altium is similar to Merlin. The focus remains on public healthcare companies that include:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnical
  • Medical Device
  • Diagnostic
  • Healthcare Service, and
  • Healthcare Information Technology benefits.

Altium Capital Progress

Altium has already provided a position for Oramed Pharmaceuticals (ORMP). ORMP has been successful in developing an oral diabetic treatment, in the form of an insulin capsule, to replace injectable diabetic treatment. And, latest venture: Altium is currently researching and providing a position with SELLAS Life Sciences Group. SELLAS is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing cancer immunotherapy treatment across multiple cancer types.

Good partnerships not only create treatment-based medical initiatives, but remain good philanthropic business. Gottlieb takes Altium Capital into the philanthropic arena with charitable contributions to Math for America, the Robin Hood Foundation, and Covenant House. Math for America focuses on the recruitment/retention of NYC mathematics teachers at the secondary school level. The Robin Hood Foundation provides NYC nonprofit organizations with financial, real estate and management aid. Covenant House is a national, privately-funding organization providing shelter and services to displaced and/or homeless young people within NYC and the nation.

As Altium Capital targets healthcare with an eye to philanthropy and investment, stakeholder partnerships continue viability for mutual benefit.

Strategies Ted Bauman Says Provide Overall Investment Protection

A potential stock market crash scares investors and makes them vulnerable to making investment decisions to protect their assets. Ted Bauman, Editor of The Bauman Letter Publication offers informative strategies and tips to investors. He said to Gazette Day in May 2018 that the stock market has a 50 percent change to rise and a 50 percent change to decline. In any event, inventors primary concern is protecting their investments with a diversity of investment options, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Suppose the stock market crashes; an investor can rely on monthly dividends with bonds and quarterly dividends with mutual funds.

It is best to invest in all three options to offset potential losses when stock prices decline and there are losses instead of gains. Ted Bauman said in a letter published that investors should build a profitable investment portfolio by including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. He writes weekly newsletters for The Sovereign Investor Daily sharing with investors how to protect their assets by creating secured portfolios. The safest investment options are bonds and mutual funds compared to stocks, although all three come with some risks. Bauman calls the strategic defensive, resulting in profitable gains and protection from substantial losses when the stock market is troubled.

He explains how unexpected crashes can happen to cause investors to experience substantial losses. One way is with the rules-based selling of stocks which includes strategies, valuation sell, and opportunity cost sell. While working at the World Bank, Ted Bauman recognized stocks on Wall Street were overvalued and that investors will realize their investments are at higher risks when stock prices revert to lower valuations. Investors tend to use the valuation technique to sell stock when its value is too high, and they use the opportunity cost technique to replace a stock with another stock with fare future value.

Ted Bauman earned bachelor degrees in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town and continued his education earning an MBA from Georgia State University. He’s dedicated years working for non-profits, writing newsletters, authoring a book, and researching housing developments in the Caribbean and Latin America. In 2015, Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing as Alpha Stock Alert and editor of the Bauman and Plan B Club.

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Robert Ivy: An Influential Leader of the American Institute of Architects

Robert Ivy is an American architect known for being the current leader of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), holding two executive positions. Robert Ivy was promoted to the position back in the year 2011, and he was doing a lot of effort in transforming the perception of the American public towards the architectural profession. Read more on

The AIA is one of the oldest professional organizations in the US. The organization was founded by 13 architects who met in New York City to discuss the increasing number of fraudulent architects coming into the United States. The founding fathers of the AIA pointed out that it is too easy for the fake professionals to enter the United States because of the lack of regulation. What they wanted to do is to introduce ways on how to verify if an individual is indeed an architect. The group founders also wanted to impose more severe punishments for those who will be faking their documents just to enter the United States. The founders immediately created the group’s by-laws after the launching of the AIA. News about the organization instantly spread from New York down to the cities and towns located in distant states. After the creation of the AIA, the United States have seen a significant drop in the number of fake architects coming into the country.

The AIA continued to choose the individual with the most impressive background, and after the resignation of the group’s leaders in 2011, Robert Ivy was chosen to succeed them. He was already seen with a great potential by the previous leaders of the group, and they knew that he can take the organization to a whole new level.

Robert Ivy keeps on telling the architects operating in the United States to join the organization because of the number of perks that they can enjoy while being an active member. The AIA protect the professionals by working closely with the authorities, providing them the protection that they need. The organization is also responsible for maintaining the professional’s ethics, and those who are breaking the by-laws are subjected to punishments. The AIA continues to become one of the most competitive professional groups in the country. Visit


Review of Southridge Capital LLC

Southridge Capital LLC is a company that was started in the year 1996. The founding member was Steven Hicks. The company is geared towards making people achieve their goals. One of the ways they help is by funding the small companies that need to grow and do not have enough financial support. The companies that need financial aid should make an effort to approach Southridge Capital and explain to them their business plan. Basing on this business plan, Southridge Capital will fund the company. Check out





Another service that the company offers is to advice the young entrepreneurs. The company gives a variety of information to the entrepreneurs basing on the businesses that hey may wish to start. Southridge Capital has been able to support over 300 companies. This has made the company to get experience due to dealing with various types of people. Therefore they have all the skills that it takes to advise people of essential business matters. Some of the vital business matters that they advise people on are; fundamental corporate issues, how to becoming a public company, how to create a strong balance sheet as a company, and facilitating individualized financing techniques.




Steven Hick’s interview on Southridge Capital LLC




Steven Hicks is the CEO of Southridge. He is an experienced person in the financial industry due to his service of about 30 years in different commercial companies. Mr. Hicks has been at the forefront of ensuring that young companies get enough resources to start and run themselves. He goes ahead to say how he decided to open Southridge Capital LLC. He was working in a small company in New York when the idea of opening the company crossed his mind.




He decided to return to Australia, and he went ahead to open the company even being underpayment in the hedge company. He goes ahead to say that running the company was not easy, but due to his devotion in service, he made the company grow big, and now it’s the one sponsoring several companies. You can visit their page









Southridge Capital is a company to visit when several financial challenges are affecting your dreams and goals. They give a better service, and it is very reliable any time you need it.


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Jason Hope: How the Internet of Things can Change the World

The Internet of Things is a concept that has been around since the dawn of the 21st century. The idea talks about the possibility of devices to communicate with one another using a type of network, preferably the Bluetooth network or the wireless network. The idea first came into existence after the invention of devices which are capable of hosting this network, and it became widespread after more gadgets were created capable of connecting to another device. Jason Hope, an American entrepreneur, and futurist points out to the Internet of Things as one of the greatest innovation in the field of science and technology. He stated that devices in the future would be more able to communicate with one another, and they could initiate the rise of AIs. Learn more about Jason Hope at Bitsy Link

Jason Hope added that the world today is already experiencing the benefits from the Internet of Things. He said that the simple connection between the smartphone and the computer systems through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is already an advancement in the communication network. In the future, he claimed that more devices and appliances would be able to do more complex tasks by cooperating with each other. Jason hope stated that the future becomes more exciting because of the development of new technologies that would make our life easier. According to him, developers of appliances are now looking into creating a more advanced version of their current products, and they are hoping that the people would embrace these new robotic products which can communicate.

Jason Hope imagines a home for the future, wherein a family would be able to interact with everything inside the house through the use of a remote or their smartphones. He also claimed that the Internet of Things would play a major role in the transformation of vehicles and other modes of transport in the future. There will also be noticeable changes in places like the school, hospitals, and the workplace, as the Internet of Things spread its influence through the devices and gadgets that are being used by the people.

Aside from propagating the idea of optimism for the Internet of Things, Jason Hope is also funding a lot of research centers in the United States, helping them to find a cure for fatal diseases that have been threatening humanity for millennia. He aims to discover the cure for cancer and other similar diseases, and help humanity gain a longer lifespan.

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Sam Jejurikar – A Great Surgeon in Dallas

Most people are turning to plastic surgery to enhance their body to their desired ideal shape. This has led to the high demand for gluteal augmentation when it comes to cosmetic surgery procedures. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has indicated that there has been a drastic increase in the frequency of gluteal augmentation in the past five years. The probability of a surgical risk to turn a minute surgical procedure into a major issue has increased with the rise in the demand for surgery. This had become a significant issue, and many surgeons have diverted their attention toward the point to ensure that everything gets to better.

Sam Jejurikar is one of the surgeons involved in this operation. He is a local plastic surgeon destined to bring safety to the gluteal augmentation department. He is among the major plastic surgeons in Dallas, Texas and safety is his priority in this incredibly growing industry. Sam Jejurikar is a highly devoted board-certified plastic surgeon. He is also a member of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He has a great educational background. Dr. Jejurikar did his studies at the University of Michigan where he attained his undergraduate degree. The University of Michigan is in the list of top 2 medical schools in the Dallas.

After his education, he ventured into the plastic surgeon and became one of the most famous plastic surgeons in Dallas. Apart for his plastic surgery daily routine, Sam Jejurikar is also concerned about taking the safety in the plastic surgery field to a notch higher in Multisociety Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force. The task force incorporated a collaboration of board-certified plastic surgeon and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics and Science. This collaboration is aimed at combining their knowledge to ensure the credibility and safety of the gluteal augmentation.

Robert Ivy Is A Firm Believer That Professional Societies Are A Great Benefit To An Individual’s Career

There is no doubt that schools and on-site job training programs do a pretty good job of preparing people for their careers, but the fact is, with any career out there, there is always more than a person needs to learn. This particular niche is filled very well by professional societies. Current records indicate that there are more than ninety-two thousand of these such societies in the States alone. One of the really outstanding benefits that these kinds of trade and professional associations offer is programs in education. These are the kinds of professional education advantages that can really help people to take their careers to the next level and become leaders in their fields. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.


Beyond the benefit of educational opportunities, professional societies also offer members great networking possibilities, assistance in finding employment when needed and often are instrumental in influencing politicians in a way that is beneficial to the particular industry in question. The many benefits offered by professional societies are something that renowned architect Robert Ivy will attest to. Robert Ivy is himself the Chief Executive Officer with the top-rated architectural professional organization the American Institute of Architects. This society is a great voice for the architectural profession and Robert Ivy has proudly served in his current role with the organization since 2011. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.

Distinguished architect Robert Ivy is a graduate of the architecture department at Tulane University and has held numerous prestigious postings since his graduation. Beginning in 1996 he became Editor in Chief at Architectural Record. He has also held positions such as Editorial Director for the Construction Media branch of McGraw Hill. Robert also recently brought home the Noel Polk Award for Lifetime Achievement. This award is a true testament to the tremendous impact that Robert Ivy has had on the profession of architecture over his long and distinguished career in the field. He is one of the most respected members of the architectural community today, particularly by his colleagues who routinely level heavy amounts of praise onto him for his accomplishments. Among these accomplishments is his excellent leadership of the respected professional outfit known to the world as the American Institute of Architects.


How Penelope Kokkinides Crushes Goals to Help InnovaCare

No matter what Penelope Kokkinides does, she does it the right way. She learned early on in her career that she could do things better than others and get positive results no matter what was going on in the industry. She also knew things would continue getting better as long as she had the chance to show people they had someone looking out for their best interests. Penelope Kokkinides believes in doing more for others and always giving back no matter what issues people have. She is a pioneer in the insurance industry and comes up with positive ideas to bring change to it.


Thanks to the hard work she initially put into InnovaCare, the company recognizes her as one of the top people in the industry. They see her as someone who knows what they’re doing and someone who can get results better than others. Penelope Kokkinides works hard for InnovaCare. She is one of their most valuable assets and that’s important to her. InnovaCare continues getting better and people keep seeing her as one of the main reasons for the success the company began seeing when she came on board. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Even though Penelope Kokkinides is important, she’s not the only reasons the company is successful. Rick Shinto is another important part of the business. He does work similar to Kokkinides, but he has experience in the medical industry that helps him make better connections with both patients and doctors. Rick Shinto is the missing puzzle piece that InnovaCare Health needed for years. He consistently works to provide the insurance company and the customers of the insurance company with all the positive experiences they need. Rick Shinto plays an important role in InnovaCare and that’s what allows him to continue coming up with new ideas for the company. You can check out



No matter where the company goes or what people do with it, they can get more out of the different situations they’re in. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides believe they have the answer to make everything better for the people they work with. They also know what they can do to provide a change in every situation. As long as they work together with others at InnovaCare, they can continue making positive changes in the way the company serves people who have their insurance. The company continues making strides in a direction that allows them to focus on the most positive changes.



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End Citizens United Knows That Corporations Have Different Interests

End Citizens United is perhaps the most important political action committee ever assembled. They’ve come together after the insane 2010 Supreme Court decision that carries the name Citizens United. It all stems from a propaganda film that was attempted to be aired by Citizens United back in 2008 during the Democratic presidential primary debates between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The FEC shot the movie down after Citizens United would not divulge the financers of the film. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

Another federal court also shot down the right of Citizens United to air propaganda during an election cycle. Then, out of the blue, the Supreme Court unexpectedly decided to hear the case. With a conservative majority, the Supreme Court ruled that Citizens United indeed had the right to air the fake documentary and to keep the financers secret.


The implications of the decision could echo through history. It essentially grants more rights to corporations as they are now free to express their First Amendment rights through the spending of cash through political action committees. Now giant rivers of money are flowing through our political system to sway elections in the best interests of corporations.

End Citizens United knows that the interests of corporations are not the interests of the people. Corporations are compelled by law to make the most money for investors. This fiduciary responsibility often leads to corporations fighting for the right to pollute, exploit workers and break up unions. That’s exactly what the boards of these companies will fight for using unlimited sums of money.

This reduces the power of the individual voter. After all, millions of dollars can buy very persuasive advertisements that can fool and misinform the voter. This may lead to voters casting a ballot against their own interests. That’s exactly what End Citizens United wants to end.

End Citizens United has a comprehensive approach to the problem. They are currently throwing their grassroots organizational skills behind Democratic candidates around the country. They also work with state and local governments to change campaign laws. In the end, the envision a country free from the shackles of Citizens United. View the group’s profile on