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Eric Lefkofksy Is Fighting Cancer

Cancer is certainly one of the world’s most serious diseases and there is a need to find ways to combat it. Eric Lefkofsky is putting all of his might behind a potential cure for cancer with his new project Tempus. He believes thee is a real possibility that we find a cure to many cancers, but he wants to use the latest technology to take us there. Tempus is taking the science of Big Data and putting it to use in finding cancer treatments tailor made to specific individuals. He is certainly ambitious but it looks like he has a great plan for making it happen.

The most important thing anybody can take away from his work is that he understands nuance and the need to create a plan for each specific situation. If you happen to be somebody who has a history of lung cancer in your family and certain side effects are often experienced by family members, you will need to adjust the medicine you use to that reality. People can’t expect to use medicine popular with the general public if their genetics do not allow for it. Giving everyone the special treatment they deserve is what separates this company from others in medical technology.

There’s clear and obvious science behind why the work of Eric Lefkofsky is successful. Personalized medicine gives doctors the ability to combat diseases like never before. We all know that everyone responds differently to medication and everyone will experience a different outcome from disease. The only way to treat diseases successfully is take this into account and come up with solutions that take our individual differences into account. That’s exactly what Lefkofsky has done with Tempus and that’s why the company seems to be doing so well. It offers people something they would never find in another place. They are getting the customized care they need and so much more. Over the course of time people will look at Tempus as the model for how this kind of thing needs to be done. We will eventually see more people copy the idea for themselves.

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Neurocore : Help for The Depression Puzzle

In the United States depression is a relatively common disorder. Is has been estimated to affect nearly 16 million adults alone. Depression knows no bounds, it can affect men or women, young or old, from vegans to paleos.

There are many false statements that probably prevent many people from getting treatment. It is not a personal defect or a fault. It is not a condition to be ignored, but it is a medical issue that can be addressed and should be treated. Read more about Neurocore at

Some forms are more publicly known than others. For example, postpartum depression has recently come into public awareness. This condition occurs to some women after birthing. It can be last for more than a year, so it should not go unchecked. Another form is called major depressive disorder and can be best described as a, sort of, permanent, ongoing, inescapable lost feeling. Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, occurs during winter time or low sunlight months.

General symptoms are ongoing feelings of unhappiness or empty feelings all the time. There are physical signs that travel along with the disorder too. These can be very sleepy or tired all the time, or the opposite, wide awake with the inability to get rest. Upset stomach, headaches, and overall fatigue are associated with depression also.


Neurocore Brain Performance Center has made strides in modern day treatments. The brain can be trained to repair itself. There are experiences that can reprogram the brain patterns.

To determine how to treat the brain, it must be diagnosed. Neurocore does this by using Electroencephalograms, or EGGs, to record electrical activity in the brain. This data is analysed along with other information such as heart rate, visual and auditory tests, and a behavioral checklist. This is considered brain performance testing, gauging the brain’s abilities.

Neurocore than uses this valuable information to create a customized program. This program has been researched and created to make lasting changes in the person.

Depression can be treated. Neurocore has the technology and programs to help solve the depression puzzle. Follow Neurocore on

Greg Secker Providing Peaople with a Chance at Financial Freedom through Trading Online


Mr. Greg Secker became popular in the business of online trading for his accomplishment n the foreign exchange market Forex. Mr. Greg Secker later established a company that is now the most popular trading education in Europe as well as a charitable organization working on an international scale.

By his twenties, Mr. Greg Secker had already amassed a considerable fortune through online trading on Forex. He dedicated himself to studying the business and practicing cautiously on the market until he felt confident to go all in on Forex. According to Mr. Greg Secker, his venturing into the foreign exchange market opened every door for him that he ever wanted. He believes that having financial stability is the foundation to safely chasing your dreams as you will always have something to fall back on and manage to take good care of your family in the process.

Mr. Greg Secker developed an affinity for education because of his time studying the foreign exchange market and seeing the results of knowledge. He decided to convert his career from working at the desk in an investment bank to teaching others how to achieve financial freedom through online trading. Mr. Greg Secker started working on an online trading platform that would provide the user with guidance in real time and teach them the differences and outcomes from different decisions they could make, among else.

The Knowledge to Action Grup is one of the proudest achievements of Mr. Greg Secker. The business is a combination of several companies under the umbrella of the group such as Capital Index, Smart Chart Software, Learn to Trade, and FX Capital. The business is hugely successful and has offices around the globe.

Mr. Greg Secker established the Greg Secker Foundation to help communities from around the world thrive. He often volunteers personally. Most of his business work, however, is done from home. Mr. Greg Secker started his new career from the comfort of his home after he quit his job at the bank. He enjoyed working like that and wanted to help more people have the same option as him through teaching them everything he has been able to learn over the course of his trading.

Rocketship Education helps Students when Disaster Strikes



When people think of schools, they usually do not think of emergency assistance. However, Rocketship Education is an educational institution that provides emergency assistance to their student when the need arises.


During times of disaster, Rocketship students can rely on their school to step up and help them out. The fact is that Rocketship staff understands that unstable students cannot do well academically. If a student encounters some type of personal traumatic event or happens to be involved with a disaster; Rocketship will come to their aid.

The students who attend Rocketship charter based schools are given the extra support to help stabilize their lives. Students with a stable family life perform better than students who live in unstable environments. Since Rocketship primarily serves low-income neighborhoods; they understand that students can deal with a variety of horrible issues.

Poverty is a crippling factor of low-income communities. Children without the basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing children will have a hard time performing well in school. Also, when children experience a traumatic event such as a death in the family or constantly having to be uprooted from their home, they tend to become very distressed by these types of situations.

Inner city students are also faced with other challenges such as violence and crime. Many kids from the inner-city areas are regular individuals who sometimes experience violent crime, or they might be harassed by gangs. Students who experience a home invasion feel like they can’t close their eyes at night for fear of being robbed again. Many of these negative factors can cause children to become unhinged and feel as if they are not safe.

Rocketship charter schools know that children might need the extra help to make it. This is why they partner with many great charity organizations at a national level and locally. These partnerships help the students to receive resources and lots of aid when they need it the most. The administrators and staff fully understand the implications of student stability. They will go out of their way to ensure that all students have a stable and peaceful family situation. Ultimately, Rocketship understands that successful students come from stable homes.

Lori Senecal’s Success to Behold

She is the CEO of Crispin Porter and Bogusky. Lori has climbed the ladder of success from the onset after graduating in sales and marketing. Her motivation was her successful older siblings that she looked to emulate and she has made her dream a reality. Her quality leadership is noted in every company she has worked which leaves employers wanting to have her in their firms.

She launched a marketing unit for young adults in 2003 and named it TAG Ideation. She has a wide range of experiences with popular brands including working as the Coca-Cola’s Global Accountant Director. From 2005, she was the Chief Marketing Officer for DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. for four years. She then headed its full sales and marketing department. Lori’s innovative mind that led to the creation of TAG Ideation earned her a role at TAG-New York as the Co-Managing Director. Check out GCReport to see more.

She was the Accountant Managing Director and executive vice president of McCann Worldgroup for a while, and in 2009, she went a step higher and became CEO and President of Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners. Later in 2014, she served both as a director and as CEO of MDC Partners Inc. She has had so many achievements in her career that anyone within her industry would want to attain. Apart from climbing her career ladder at a steady speed, she has memberships in particular firms.

Senecal is a member of Ad Council Board and won Quantum Leap Award in 2013, with both achievements affiliated to her innovative and leadership skills. In 2017, she was termed as the most creative person in the business. Everywhere Lori works she leaves a mark of transformation and improvement. Her presence is influential for any level of business to grow tremendously.

Her role as CEO is to ensure global growth and expansion. She is in charge of 10 international offices of the company. She focuses on talent to build an entrepreneurial spirit wherever she works. In 2016, she was among the four agency executives to watch. She has been listed on Advertising Age as Standout Agencies. She continues to revolutionalize the business world.

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Sentient AI- Personalized Merchandising

Many businesses have the habit of flashing their new products to their consumers. It’s a modern necessity that the consumers want what’s new or what’s in today’s trends. Default or massive advertisements work in wonders as it exposes these products in every form of media possible. This form of advertisement isn’t searched or sought by the consumers, rather, the companies have control over what they want their consumers to see or be exposed to of their products.

Personalized merchandising plays a big role when the buyers are searching for products based on their own personal sense of style or interest. It only exposes products or merchandises that the consumer wants to see. This form of Sentient AI can collect information on their consumers’ taste or preference with little to no information about them.

Instead of the consumers being pushed into the company’s merchandises, the personalized merchandising helps the consumers get pulled into the products they desire or want to see. This leads to an increase in sales since it pulls the consumers back into their products, leading them into a conversion funnel.

Personalized merchandising has helped retail businesses gain productive exposures of their merchandises. Within results, online stores or digital markets have noticed the productive effects and benefits that come along with this personalization of advertising for them as well. It is a very important factor for digital marketing or e-commerce businesses as personalized merchandising can help drastically with the increase of the business’s conversion rates, as well as order values and product exposures. Conversion rates for e-commerce can increase drastically up to 50% to 300% compared to the average site conversion rates gained from default advertisements. This form of Sentient AI advertisement helps draw new or regular consumers back into their digital businesses.

Personalized merchandising also aids businesses into creating a solid, sturdy foundation of information and statistics of their sales. It’ll be easier to determine investments, such as reproductions, advertisements, labor, etc, based on their increase in conversion rates. They have a more accurate view of what products are being sold. With the direct relationship between high conversion rates and low investments, businesses will see an increase in their profit and money.


Jason Hope Campaigns for the Adoption of Anti-Aging Therapy

As much as the future is typically filled with the unknown, one indisputable fact is that at one point all individuals will end up falling victim to the torture of old age. Age is both a blessing and a curse, and Jason Hope is working tirelessly to ensure that all people in the society can end up benefiting from old age through better health, and more information click here.

Since time in memorial, older adults in the society have been associated with different types of complications, which have ended up being known as old-age related diseases. The elderly tend to suffer from illnesses that in most cases end up taking over their body strength, a situation which commonly leads to demise. Jason Hope has in the past decade campaigned for the adoption of anti-aging therapy, and he is continually putting vast sums of money in the process of ensuring that more anti-aging medication can be availed across all segments of the society.

Jason Hope is not a doctor, nor is he a medical researcher, but he is a person who believes in the power that technology offers to those who decide to embrace it. Jason has seen the impact that technology has in the telecommunication industry, and he has invested in the mobile technology through his own company, which is known as Jawa. In the process, he has ended up believing that if the technology is adopted properly in the medical industry, then the lives of individuals will end up being altered for the better.

Jason aims at helping the elderly individuals to overcome the two major old age ailments, which are diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Jason is a futurist and an entrepreneur who invests in anything that can help to improve the success of the entire globe in future. He uses the money that he gains from his technological investments to advance research in the medical field, and he is among philanthropists who promote the adoption of anti-aging therapies, and Jason Hope on Facebook.

Jason Hope is a philanthropist who directs his money towards the support of activities that are undertaken by SENS Foundation. The institution is purely non-profit, and it was set up in 2009 to help in tackling age-associated diseases. From the time that it was incepted, the organization has been helping to boost biotechnology research, and in the process, it has ended up helping to improve the research processes in different areas of the medical industry, and

Jason started offering financial support to SENS in 2010, and he gave more than $500,000 to advance research processes in the organization. As a result, the institution managed to establish the Cambridge SENS Laboratory, and it immediately started implementing research undertaking that aimed to create a cure for age-related diseases.

Securus Technologies: A Reliable Crime Prevention Partner

Securus Technologies is a company committed to developing solutions that enable law enforcement agencies combat crime and promote a secure social environment. It provides emergency response, inmate self-service, biometric analysis and even information management to over 1.2 million inmates and over 3,450 police agencies spread across North America.

Using this service has not only inspired confidence in security systems but also restored trust with people the employees work with. I believe based on this, one can track phone calls from an employee involved in contraband business. With this information, the corrupt staff member was arrested and this served as a lesson to others who harbored similar motives. Difficult to proof scenarios like harassment at workplace have been resolved using the investigative features that the company provides, making the working environment safer than before.

It is clear that Securus employees are now more focused for fear of being monitored in case they participate in illegitimate ways. With the understanding that privacy is essential and must be provided, security of staff and business has always superseded individual privacies, especially if that privacy infringes on the rights of others.

The LBS software and the Investigator Pro are not only useful at the working placebut also in maintaining jail security, tracking illegal assets, drugs and even cash. Securus Technologies have provided the ability to listen in on inmate calls that has been instrumental in resolving mysteries surrounding particular cases.

By providing the services listed above, Securus Technologies has been able to revolutionize the incarcerating environment and help in the improvement of public safety. The correctional facilities have been made safer by disabling contraband cell phones within their walls. This means that inmates cannot hold conversations with the outside world secretively, plan an atrocity and execute it without being detected. The correctional facilities are now relying on these technological advancements by Securus Technologies to ensure that their facilities are not crime breeding grounds but crime prevention units.


End Citizens United Uses Grassroots Fundraising To Raise Awareness About Undisclosed Political Spending

The website Positive the Facts, a news website based in the UK, covers a variety of information in education, technology, finance, health, and science with an experienced team of editors, writers and journalists. Their recent article written by Paul Peters called “Activists Investigations Uncover Russian Meddling According to End Citizens United” discusses the foreign influence on the U.S. 2016 presidential elections.

Peters discusses the recent Huffington Post article that explored the ease with which foreign entities can contribute to political campaigns. Not only did the article reveal how easy foreign manipulation of the electoral process but it also discusses the Russian contributions and involvement in the 2016 presidential election.

The Russian company with direct connections to Kremlin purchased ads on social media which aided Trump’s campaign. Despite the fact that foreign interests are not legally able to spend money on political elections in the U.S., there is a large loophole which allows them to do so. Right wing special interest groups and politicians have influenced the lawmaking process to make the financing almost untraceable.

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The Russians spent more than six figures on different social advertisements and clandestine social media posts to create anti-Clinton propaganda while supporting the Trump campaign. These ads ran for more than 2 years with more than 3,000 posts on Facebook alone. The fake accounts and pages were suspended, but this kind of foreign influence on American political campaigns is just the beginning. The legal loopholes created a way for political supporters to donate money without accountability.

Currently, there are more than 15 pending cases by the Federal Election Commission which are looking at the political spending of foreign entities.

End Citizens United revealed how many valid points the Huffington Post article had. The non-profit company began in 2010 after the Supreme Court ruled that corporations and other entities could donate an unlimited amount that is untraceable to campaigns. This leaves room for the corporations to have no accountability or transparency in their actions of donating to tip the scales of political power in their favor.

End Citizens United seeks to show the voters, the press and elected officials that grassroots campaigns are capable of fighting back against the billionaires who are seeking to influence the political elections. By creating financial reform and working with candidates, End Citizens United looks to end the influence of Big Money in American politics. By raising awareness, they will be able to raise the issue as a priority revealing how undisclosed political spending is simply out of control.

The Courageous Ricardo Tosto

The senior most prosecutor in Brazil has acknowledged the fact that coordinating with counterparts from other countries helped most of the legal issues. The prosecutor agrees that there is an urgent need for reforms in the legal sector. The Latin lawyers’ organization has received accreditation from the bar in Florida ahead of their summit. The summit would be held in Miami.

Felsberg Advogados, a prominent law firm that is based in Brazil, has promoted four of its partners. This comes in the wake of its restructuring, corporate, tax, and labor teams. Lawyer Ricardo Tosto has been appreciated for his skills in the litigation and milk. The lawyer’s achievements have made the legal office in Brazil has been regarded to have reputable performance.

Ricardo Tosto has a wide variety of international clients who highly appreciate his work. The firm as recommended by the client has been able to improve the name of the company the firm is representing and hence promoting the name of the company. Several strategies are added to the cases the firm represents to improve the company’s aspects.

The law firms in Brazil have always embraced mass litigations, a phenomenon that is very common in most of the legal setups. Ricardo Tosto was the first lawyer to offer a legal model that encouraged mass action and the model was highly accepted. The customers for this model request for extensive management as some firms are walking away from the model.

Ricardo Tosto is recognized as a prominent lawyer in the whole of the country. The manner in which he conducted the litigation process was efficient earning him respect among his country people. The law firm in the country has outshined in the banking sector. This is due to the fact that the financial sector has been well represented in the firm.

The consumer laws surrounding the legal office have been praised by the clients. The legal firm has been acclaimed to be efficient, agile and organized very well. Consumers do not have to struggle when researching on the tax litigations that have been setup. The capital and financial laws have been well represented by the law. Litigation has provided excellent labor results due to the experience individuals attain from the firm.