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OSI Group Makes Classic McDonald’s Hamburger Patties

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Critical Food Reviews

Fast food customers are becoming more and more critical to the point that they criticize what ingredients manufacturers put in their food. Furthermore, many of the criticism comes at the expense of the manufacturer who cannot hide from the press. Business Insider reporters visitied a OSI Group factory in Gunzburg, Germany to give a full report on how the hamburger giant actually maes its hamburgers using OSI Group, its packer of choice.

Entering the Gunzburg Plant

When the reporters entered the OSI Group McDonalds processing plant they were warmly welcomed and were led from one station to the next while some 50-75 workers kept busy with the hamburger processing. What the reporters observed was that not one hamburger was physically touched during the entire visit at the OSI Group McDonalds facility; in fact, only at one point in the process was a food scientist, in charge of testing the 20% fat to meat ratio in every hamburger was allowed to take 4-5 hamburgers back to their lab. Otherwise not once was any preservative or additive put in hamburgers.

Flash-frozen Patties

The hamburger making process at the OSI Group McDonalds plant begins with high-grade slabs of hamburger which are placed in very large bins. The bins are placed in hoppers which mince the beef. Once the beef is minced it makes its way on a conveyor where it is cut out into hamburger patties and then immediately flash-frozen at -18 Celsius for preserving its freshness. The hamburgers in the OSI Group McDonalds plant makes over 5 million hamburgers a day and 30 million a week. Every hamburger goes thru 40 checkpoints for safety and inspection.

No additives added

The Business Insider reporters were pleased to observe no additives were added to the pure beef-20% fat- hamburgers. McDonald’s follows a strict fat to beef ratio, which is 5% less than what is made in wholesale stores.

OSI Group

The OSI Group McDonalds Plant is one of the largest OSI Group food packers and is carrying on the tradition of producing high-quality hamburgers for McDonald’s since 1955 when Ray Kroc, its Founder, first invited OSI Group to be its official packer.

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