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Unroll.me: The Help You Need to Declutter Your Email

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Unroll.Me is an email subscription service that will effortlessly help you clean your junk emails. With just a few steps, you will remove any unnecessary message and make your email tidy and appealing. Unroll.Me displays all your subscription emails and you are able to immediately trash what you do not want.

Users who have tried Unroll.Me can attest to the fact that the email subscription service has made them more organized with their work. With the advancement of technology, smartphone owners are always on their devices. Operating a gadget, which is full of messages can be an annoying task. Unroll.Me helps one control what they see and view every other message in their respective locations.

Unroll.Me also helps you come up with a list of each mailing list that you have subscribed to. It makes things easy as you can quickly get rid of any email that does not interest you. For easier viewing, Unroll.Me compiles every email newsletter you are interested in into a single digest email. You get to do away with emails you do not need just with a single click.

The free email service has much more to offer. After your little exercise of removing unwanted emails, Unroll.Me helps you merge the emails you like into a fancy digest known as “The Roll Up”. The Roll Up is a tool that enables the user to further organize what is in their email. Messages are classified differently. Under the Roll Up, your emails are categorized as Travel, Lifestyle, News updates, Social Media or whichever group you as a user wishes to have. The email subscriptions in the Roll Up are classified prior and placed in the various sets.

The founder and CEO of Unroll.Me, Josh Rosenwald, is optimistic that the app will continue being of great aid to users. The CEO continues to work towards the advancement of the company and the addition of better features on unroll.me. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and all one needs to do is to sign up and enjoy the email subscription service. A new user also gets the benefit of becoming a part of Rakuten Intelligence’s online shopping panel after signing up.